The Opera House is NOT white and other revelations

Well I would like to say that I did something incredibly exciting on Wednesday night but the truth is jet lag occured like a mother bitch and struck me down at the late old time of 6 in the evening, so that was me in bed for the next 12 hours!

Waking up at 5:30AM is something new for me but I certainly wasn’t getting back to sleep as I was wide awake so I got down to messing around on Photoshop and with my camera, the trees outside my window are kinda badass so I thought I would head outside to take a few photos in the morning light and did just that!

And then occured the first Jon error of the holiday, I went outside, had a little poke around and took a few photos and then found out that my front door key for the flat infact did not work, which meant I was to spend the next 30 mins waiting outside my block of flats waiting for someone to leave, not so much fun but nevermind hehe!

After that I decided to get all healthy and head out for a run, we live in the poshest area ever, god knows how cos its not like the rent is crazy, but on my run I was heading past clothes shops with AU$ 1100 dresses in the window (about £400ish) which was kinda crazy! We have a little beach down at the end of our road around three hundred metres away, its kind of ridiculous!

The weather was much improved yesterday, a nice warm day, we headed down to the slightly bigger beach not far away which has a fenced off swimming area with floating wood block things in the middle that u can lounge about on, so even the water was a little nippy myself and the Birch headed out for a swim in the cold, awesome times, loads of fun!

We hung around at the beach a little more, and I proceeded to burn a little through the factor 30 suntan lotion, which seemed kinda harsh but oh well, I predict I won’t be Hartlepool albino white by the time I get back, and Birchy may be Michael Jackson’s original shade at the rate he tans!!

Took some fun photos down there that I will hopefully get on here when I first get the chance, have got the NFL, London and some from Oz ready to put up that I will hopefully get chance to do in the next few days!

Last night we didnt do anything too crazy, Birch cooked a lovely chicken pasta dish, I assisted ably in the kitchen, opening the bin lid and getting things out of the fridge like a right old chef de PARTY!

After that there was a little bit of reading to be done before I again succumbed to the jet lag and hit the hay at around 9pm! Ive been up since half six this morning, managed to learn a little photoshop this morning and have even opened a bank account!

Went for a shop for food for tonight and randomly ran into a woman whose friend was from Hartlepool, crazy times! I’m writing this from a net café in the city, we had a wander in via the train to the city centre and then had a wander out to Darling harbor, its ridiculous looking and absolutely cool as hell, I am however sad to report that Starbucks over here does not sell Strawberry Frapucinnos, absolutely tragic!

Thankfully Birchy found me a new addiction, Lemon Crush ice drinks from Boost, 5 dollars and 55 cents of heaven in a cup, brilliant! We wandered down from the ridiculous harbor to the Sydney Opera House it is indeed beautiful to look at but its nowhere close to as white as it looks in the photos, its actually more of a dirty crème when you are down by it, but all the same it looks super swish!

Im gonna sod off home for some fresh Birchy Bread with some chicken in the middle (rather than Birch, thankfully), speak to you all soon!

Love and Sausages! Xx


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