An update from the most beautiful view in the city!

So its been a couple of days since I’ve had chance to post but some interesting updates from paradise! After leaving you on Friday I did return home to freshly cooked bread and chicken breast made by the Birch, which was accompanied by a few cans of Tooheys New, a relatively cheap and tasty beer!


After that it was time to head out for our first proper night out in Sydney, so we headed to what we were told would quickly become our local, the Golden Sheaf or the Sheaf in short, so we headed down there and just started bantering with some locals, Dean wasn’t impressed with one lads shit crack but I was quite entertained, funny times. I then decided it would be a good idea to tear up the dancefloor in usual Jon has had one more than he should have fashion, (someone actually complimented my dancing, I’m convinced I looked like a talentless Michael Jackson on acid but to each their own :P) Laura and Birch had headed off to the city and Dean and Rory had disappeared so I continued my adventure by heading with some Americans to a place called the “Mars Lounge” which I’m told was near Darlinghurst but I had no idea! I then proceeded to dance the next few hours away on the bar in the middle of the room, which seemed to be the designated dancing area, good times!

After that I’d like to thank Allie for her kindly letting me stay at hers in Surry Hills as I had no idea where I was or how to get back, the only slight problem was the cat, who I’m sure is still stalking me! I did manage to make it home eventually, after a rather entertaining taxi ride with a madman driver, love it.


Yesterday was kind of a write off, plans to make it to Sydney fish market turned into me “napping” for 6 hours and the other guys sitting around boozing, so quite the productive day! After some cheese on ham on toast on freshly made bread (theres a lot of on in that sentence, sweet) we headed out to Manly beach to my friend Lucy’s house!


Oh my god, amazing, crazy view from her house and some awesome people, played a pretty sweet drinking game called “fuck fuck”, although I’m not sure I appreciated being called “Pom fuck” but I guess you take one for the team sometimes, I am still entertained at Birchy being “Chef fuck”, we got through a few bottles and then headed out into Manly, but before I get on to that a little more about the house, if I’m ever succesful enough to own a place like this I will have to find something I actually have a real talent for, that or win the lottery, the latter seems more likely at this stage! But wow what a view, right on the ocean looking across all the beaches, I offered to swap our flat for the place but the offer seemed to fall on deaf ears, shame!


The club we headed to was pretty cool although the music was mostly terrible, but after some very questionable dancing, although not as questionable as the tubby white girls attempting to be “ghetto booty” behind us, we were having a whale of a time. Oh and the DJ wouldnt put Dizzee Wascal on for me, twat!


We headed back along the beach after some pretty damn good pizza toward Luce’s and then awoke this morning in paradise, there’s a lemon tree outside my window, that’s how paradise it is! Looking out onto manly beach this morning we saw a variety of kayakers and swimmers knocking around, I was convinced they were going to be shark bait but apparently sharks aren’t common round this part of the bay, we shall see, im looking out now and waiting for Jaws to start wreaking havoc!

We are headed out this afternoon to grill up a storm and knock back a good few drinks, cant wait, should be emotional!!


Until next time guys, adios! Xx


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