Explosions, Americans and Elections, oh and BIGGINS

Hellooo and welcome to the apocalypse! Well, not really but it almost felt like it in our flat last night, but before we get to that its time to recap from the top, so after I left you last I spent a short while finally celebrating finding some skateboardery style shoes for the low low price of $30AU, like £12.90, which made my week!

I also neglected to mention, I think, last time that we have got hold of four tix to see the Kooks on Jan 5th, the day after my birthday, should be awesome, will be the third continent I have seen them on, and hopefully if they invite us out to party this time I wont have a flight to catch straight after!!

After that we headed back to Double Bay and on to the video store, were I picked up a copy of We Are Marshall, which would have been ace if the DVD player wasnt on the blink, but nevermind!

After that it was a canny boring evening, though I’m sure Deano was getting his creep on 😛

Yesterday however was far more interesting, it was Melbourne Cup day, the proclaimed “race that stops Australia”, but before that carry on we headed over to Bondi Junction, to pick up a PS2 for the flat and check our e-mail!

Once we got back we decided to get down to the pub for a bit of food and a little betting, myself and Dean placed our bets, for Profound Beauty and Mad Rush prospectively and settled in at the nearby cafe with Laura and el Bircho generale to grab some food before the big race!

After enjoying yet another beastly burger (I know I have a problem, but there are worse ones!) we sat back to take in the race, safe to say that neither of our horses ever looked like doing anything other than falling over but nevermind, it seems I only have luck when picking horses by name when it comes to the grand national, a crying shame in my eyes!!

Oh and don’t worry Mum, I only put $12 AU down, around £5, Laura and Birchy spent roughly the same on dessert in the cafe, so at least I’ll be that bit slimmer for my money, in some kind of bizarre way 😛

On the way to the cafe Dean had said he thought he recognised someone sat at the cafe as famous, but we had passed by the time I looked round to check, but sure enough on the way back we had a look and there was the Panto cat himself Christopher Biggins, which led to my exclamation “thats fucking Biggins”, which I’m hoping wasn’t loud enough for him to hear!

After we got back to the flat myself and Dean decided to stop being fannies and in the name of our mothers get our pictures taken with the big cat himself, so back down the street armed with camera we returned to the Biggins. Thankfully he had finished eating and was only too happy to grant out polite request for a photo, after all as I pointed out to him “My Mum loves you”, so I figure it was only fair, he asked us about what we were up to and one of his friend made a point of him breathing in to keep his tummy away.

Post picture myself and Dean ran off like little schoolgirls, why I have no idea, but it certainly seemed appropriate at the time! We spent the afternoon playing PS2 and laughing at our Biggins escapade!

Last night was looking to be a relatively slow night, nothing really was happening when I got a text from the American girl Allie who had let me stay at hers the other night, she had managed to lock herself out of her apartment and could I possibly return the favour of a place to stay, which seemed like a fair request, she managed to arrive after heading to the wrong street at first and we were sat bantering for a good while.

Then the explosion came, the flat argument that seemed to have been brewing for a few days kicked off and everyone had at least a little something to say, needless to say Allie probably wished she hadn’t called in the favour last night, but what can you do when you’re locked out?

This morning I woke up bright and breezy and after finishing my book, A Season on the Brink by the always excellent John Feinstein, a wonderful read about a season back in the 80’s with Bob Knight and Indiana, I decided to head out for a run with Deano!

We set off way too fast, and we managed to drag our way out to an epic 15 minute run, which although brief was completed at a fair pace, so it didn’t seem all lost, though if I’m to complete my goal of running a marathon any decade soon I might want to start hitting the streets a little more often than once a week 😛

This afternoon hasn’t produced anything so far, we have found out that Obama is the new president in the US, not too bad by my reckoning, although I will reserve judgement until I next try to apply for a US visa! I will however say that he is quite the spokesperson, I dont know if thats partly because we have become used to George Bush’s own spectacular brand of idiocy but I was inspired when he was talking, I’m not sure what about but inspired nonetheless!!


3 Responses to “Explosions, Americans and Elections, oh and BIGGINS”

  1. I cannot believe the things you and Dean do in the name of your mothers!! Thanks You

  2. I cannot believe the things you and Dean do in the name of your mothers!! Thank You

  3. Are you turning into a foodie as well

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