Eating Skippy, Loving Avocado, Adventuring and others!

I’m excited, I’m leaving Sydney for the weekend, I’m headed up to Newcastle to catch up with my friend Tom who studied abroad in Kentucky when I was over there, should be an awesome weekend, its going to include the England vs New Zealand rugby league world cup game and my first attempts to surf, falling on and off a large board with my spectacular lack of balance should be good for a few laughs I reckon, hopefully there will be photos to accompany the next update!

That is for the future however, so what has been happening here you might ask? Well, when I left you Flat War #1 had kicked off and the next day was pretty icy, however by the end of it everyone had begin to thaw a little and we headed out for what I am going to term a “Flat Heal Meal”, so we headed out to an Indian around the corner that Birch and Laura had spied.

That Indian was “Flavour of India” and it turned out to be rather delicious, things were a little delicate at first but once a few beers/wines had been consumed bridges began to be repaired, but what is more important is the food, which was rather awesome, I went for the mixed entree followed by a medium chicken tikka masala, both of which were extremely delicious, interestingly Birchy and Dean went for the Goat curry, which may not sound too appetising but it was a ridiculously tender and tasty meat, which I would highly reccomend, delicious!

Post meal I came in halfway through Talladega Nights so sat in to watch Ricky Bobby do some shaking and baking, good times, that was followed by Analyse That, which was pretty entertaining and for dessert came a nice long snoooooooooooze.

Yesterday was just an awesome day for me, I enjoyed a lovely lazy morning before heading out to Bondi, after checking my e-mail and reading peoples comments on the Biggins photo I headed over to the beach in search of a second hand bookshop/cafe I’d read about in the Lonely Planet named Gertrude and Alice.

Gertrude and Alice is awesome, its this lovely little cozy bookshop down the street from the beach, I had a little look around and a nose about inside and then ordered the lasagne with a banana and cinnamon smoothie (a taste sensation you should all try), the food was delicious, especially the salad which included avocados (a personal favourite of mine) and a delightful honey and mustard dressing. After finishing it off I sat around awhile and soaked in the atmosphere for a time before purchasing a book I’d picked up that I was excited to read.

Hurricane, the story of the boxer Rubin Carter, I’ve seen the film starring Denzel Washington and its a brilliant if harrowing story that I’d reccomend to anyone. Book in hand I headed down to Bondi beach to laze in the sun and take a look through the first few chapters, it was a gorgeous day for sitting around reading and taking an odd glance at the bikini clad babes!

However time came and despite leaving said babes I was excited to get home, why you might ask? Well, waiting at home upon arrival was my first time eating a slice of our old friend Skippy. We sat down to tuck into kangaroo steak, potato wedges with a minty yoghurty dip and salad, and it was absolutely stunning, compliments to Chef Birch. For those interested Kangaroo tastes a lot like steak, its a lovely tasting meat and something else I would reccomend everyone try, although not all at once, we need at least one ‘roo left to take over for Skippy in the next series, god rest his tasty soul!

On the back of that we sat in to watch Happy Gilmore, which is still a classic and between then and now as I type this nothing of any particular interest has occured, reports on my surfing adventures and rugby league are to come in the next update!

Love and Kangaroos

J. Xx


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  1. Tut tut thats skippy talking

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