Surfing, in a fashion…

So when I last left you I was on my way toward Newcastle, to visit my friend Tom for the weekend, we are now halfway through said weekend and I’ve got the time to update you all so here’s a short summary of what’s been going on.

After arriving in Newcastle we headed over to Toms to drop in my stuff and meet his wonderful, 3 legged, dog “Winsome” who is awesome in all fairness. We then headed out to grab some food and ended up in a local curryhouse, the waitress joked that as I was English I would have Tikka Masala but I decided to try something new and went for the Lamb Do Pyaja which by the way was delicious.

Just remembered that before we ate we were stopped from entering a bar as we had flip flops on, that’s ridiculous on this side of the world but ho hum 😛 We dropped Tom’s car and headed out for a drink at his local, an awesome bar, with old women murdering karaoke and random blokes having arguments on their 21st behind us, oh and some random lad who had been glassed a week ago showing us pictures on his phone of how it looked, he also hated aborigines, lovely chap!

Then it was into town and onto the local rock/metal club for something that had drums and guitars, something I had been missing in Sydney, the first band were pretty funny, plus their frontman looked like Biscuit to any UCLanners reading this blog, pics to come!

The next band were also pretty talented, both were pretty metal and had my ears ringing like a cheap telephone, also tried a couple of new beers, Tooheys black is a sort of guinness lite and is well worth a dabble!

Grabbed the bus home and awoke this morning in wait of my first surfing adventure, we headed down to Nobby’s beach, my first attempts saw me head out on the boogie board, which was pretty fun, altho slippery, I couldn’t stay on the bloody thing half the time, but a lot of fun, altho when a wave catches you by surprise and you get a mouthful of seawater that’s none too pleasant!!

Then it was my turn to attempt to get on the surfboard, and as you can see in the pics on facebook I’ve a long way to go before I’m challenging Kelly Slater, I did at one point almost stand up, only to flop into the water, thanks to Tom for capturing the moment 😛

Tom headed out and looked, well, Australian, in actually managing to, you know, surf, much more impressive than my flopping but you have to start somewhere I guess hehe! We headed along the beach for a burger and came upon a junior surfing competition, for “Gromits” as they are called here, or something. The announcer was rather excited, about what I do not know as there was barely a wave in sight!

We are just about to head out to the England vs New Zealand game in a bit, I’m tempted to put on a bet, but sadly I would have to bet against my own country if the form guide is anything to go by hehe, bye for now!!

Love and surfboards!

J. Xx


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