Emu Sausages, Letters and Media Men

Hello to all! How are we? Hope all is well wherever you are in this great big world!

I’m sat here listening to Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” feeling like I know what he’s on about, right now I do indeed have a lust for life, although I’m not sure I’m worth a million in prizes!

I’m now back in Sydney after spending an awesome weekend in Newcastle, which by the way is very like Newcastle in England, a bit more blue collar and working class than Sydney, though its warmer than the one back home and you can go surfing, so not totally alike šŸ˜›

When I left you I was headed out to watch the England vs New Zealand rugby league world cup game, which was an absolutely, fantastic experience, I put my bet on New Zealand to lead at both half time and full time, which didnt come off as England managed a spectacular second half collapse after leading at the half, oh well!

We did however manage to blag our way into the game as “media”, me posing as the photographer and Tom as the journo, at the beginning we were sat just behind the posts were I grabbed some great shots, which I will hopfully have chance to get on here soon!

The first half went spectacular for England, and we transferred across to the west side of the ground and up to where the press boxes are, Tom managed to blag a free copy of the program and life was awesome, aside from England deciding they no longer wanted to play rugby!

We got back to Tom’s and headed out for a few drinks down at his local, we had a few and talked to some rather random people, who introduced me to a new phrase which is sweet, “Get a fucking dog up yer” which pretty much tells someone to “fuck off” or that they are “full of shit”, excellent stuff!

After a good night’s kip we woke up the next morning to get breakfast before I headed on the train back to Sydney. The breakfast was the next stop on my journey of food exploration: Emu sausages. Emu is a rather curious meat, quite dry and with very little grease, tasty but very different to your normal sausage, they were a part of a “bushman’s” breakfast which came with steak, bacon and scrambled eggs, delicious!

After that I picked up some paper and envelopes as I’ve been promising letters home and the like, and then it was time to say goodbye to my gracious host and head on back down to Sydney! The train journey is a round 3 hours start to finsih back to my home, so I settled into my seat and busted out the notepad!

At the end of it all I’d had quite the productive journey, boshing out five letters to various people who had requested them and sent me their addresses as well as finding the time to take in some of the wonderful views! (Mum, Sara, Cheryl, Steff and Jess you will be the lucky recipients)

Last night contained nothing much of anything other than trying some pasta sauce from Aldi that was actually rather delicious! Today has been a little adventure out so far, Laura’s Mum has arrived on holiday so we’ve been wandering around.

Beginning with lunch at the ‘Sheaf, took in a ridiculously nice fillet steak sandwich that was absolutely massive and then headed over to Watson’s bay, which is ridiculously picturesque and lovely but there’s not a lot to do over there, great ice cream though!

I’ve just nipped out while Birch dizzle makes tea for all, pretty excited about the minty yoghurty dip, so am going to have to run!

Love and Emu’s

J. Xx


One Response to “Emu Sausages, Letters and Media Men”

  1. You may have written the letter the next step is to put it in the post!!!! šŸ™‚

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