Taronga Zooooooooooooo

Ola Amigos!


No particular reason for the Spanish, but its there anyway! When I left you last I’d just nipped out before tea, it was delicious, the minty yoghurty dip was excellent and I’ve nothing much more of note to report from Sunday in all honesty.


Monday was a lovely, relaxed, chill out day, I headed over to the local "pool" ( a ringed off portion of the ocean, to stop sharks and suchlike) which is next to the local library! Before hitting the beach I decided to hit up the library, to register and to scout out a book or two. My Mum would have loved it, the staff were ridiculously nice and very helpful, and I even found a couple of books to read; one by John Feinstein on golf, I know little about nor particularly appreciate golf, but I love John Feinstein so I decided to give it a go and one a guide to Urban Travel photography, something I definitely want to know more about!


After that I headed down to Redleaf to soak in some rays and crack on with my book on Rubin "the Hurricane" Carter, and I did indeed read for a couple of hours, but not without checking out the babes first, of which there were quite a few for a small beach, many of them topless, bonus. (Mum, I didn’t look really, Birchy told me about them, promise :P)


After enjoying a couple of hours relaxing in the sun it was time to head back to the flat and go on a hunt for food, like the layabouts we are we eventually decided to have a walk to the local pizza shop (though now we have a menu and therefore their number on the fridge, so next time the walk won’t be required), I laid down $AU 19.50 (£8.50 or so) for a Large meat feast deluxe, not because im a pig but because I love cold pizza the next day, mmm!


The pizza was absolutely delicious, so delicious infact that I decided to let them off for the small piece of plastic I found in one slice, absolutely primo, and once again followed another calm, relaxed and ultimately uninteresting for blog purposes night!


But that was fine as Tuesday was to be a day for adventuring, to the ZOO. I haven’t been to a zoo, as I recall, since our first few months in Kentucky when we headed to Cincinnati Zoo (No Big Drew and Metcalfe I dont count Flamingo Land on the day you cut my hair in the car)


So after getting the train over to Circular Quay we jumped on the ferry to Taronga Zoo, which came with wonderful views of "the Big Coat Hanger" and the Opera House! Pretty much a bargain at $44 for zoo entry and the ferry there, awesome times!


And what a zoo, massive and with loads of things to see, hopefully I will get some photos on here in the next few days but before that I shall desribe some of my favourite creatures!


Firstly: Pelicans. Pelicans are ridiculous, they look like they should be in a cartoon, there beaks are just bizarrely big and their inability to fly well just adds to the humour of the situation, which all in all makes them awesome in my book!


Second: Koalas. Koalas are awesome, they get to sit around and be lazy ALL day and yet women fawn over them, when I try that women tell me I’m lazy, or worse, I want to be a koala and spend my days digesting Eucalyptus leaves, whose with me?


Third: Those freaky mouse with wings things. I don’t know the name, can anyone help? They are like mice but they jump off trees, flap open their legs and reveal their own parachute and float from tree to tree, they are beyond bad-ass, if I can’t be a koala I want to be what I’m going to call a Danger Mouse until I find out the real name.


Thats the top three, but special mentions to Wombats, as I want one; giraffess, for looking ridiculous; tigers for being well hard; Komodo Dragons, for looking they should have been in a starring role in Jurassic Park and many others.


I had a wonderful day wandering round the zoo, with my camera and tripod taking lots of photos, special mention to the sillier ones which will come on facebook in the next few days! If anyone gets the chance to get to Taronga zoo, you must, at one point you can look infront of you and the view will include giraffes, zebras, the Sydney skyline and Opera House, ridiculous yet sublime.


And after bumping too many people with my tripod on the way home I got back to the house, were ridiculous discussions have ensued, I look forward to sue getting her frock, Dean directing us to the beach and Andrew going five minutes without receiving a text (note Cheryl, im only joking, promise :P)


And then I went in the shower (and you’re thinking OMG I dont wan’t to know, but…) and all was well until I saw a cockroach, now it wasn’t massive but cockroaches kinda freak me out, so I went for the bug killer, sprayed enough on to kill thirty of them and then got Birchy to take it away for me, I’m a wuss, I know but they just FREAK me out, they are SO disgusting!


Today is a nice day at the library and the beach, chilling out, on the way back im sending letters if you want my address to send me one message me on facebook and I promise I will reply in kind!


Love and Koalas!


J. Xx




3 Responses to “Taronga Zooooooooooooo”

  1. I am all for supporting your local library and you are right women just love koalas but not lazy men, moral for life there!!

  2. You mean flying squirrels?

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