Drunken Idiocy, Rugby League and Photography by Night

So its been a few days since I let you in on the crazy world of Oz, before I begin to catch up I would like to thank Luce and Tom for notifying me that a “Danger Mouse” is known as a sugar glider, so I want to be a sugar glider, spot on!


And the last few days have been pretty damned eventful, well Thursday wasnt particularly, I spent another day chilling at the beach, reading my book and actually adding some colour to my albino skin. Thursday night was a Pro Evo and pizza night, nice bit of Calzone.

Friday day was once again a beach and book daytime, I’ve just read and finished Tales from Q School by John Feinstein, which is about golf, I dont particularly like golf or reading about it but Feinstein is my favourite author, ever, and he manages to make golf a riveting read, amazing stuff and very much reccomended!


Friday night was, err, interesting, it started peacefully enough, we headed out to Kogarah to meet a friend of Dean’s Dad and had a few drinks with him, and then we headed back into the city. The problem that got me was a lack of food so we headed out on empty stomachs.


Sadly this was a bad idea, every now and then I have a night with the drink that I regret in the morning, one of those that makes you vow never to touch a drop ever again, sadly Friday night was to be one of those nights.


I was having a pretty good night, dancing away and having a boogie, but the bouncers decided I was a little too drunk, which to be fair I agreed with them on. So I was marched outside, Birch and Laura witnessed this but decided to let me fend for myself and stay in the club, something I have to admit I was unimpressed with.


So I jumped in a taxi but only had so much money on me (or so I thought), so I got as far as the driver would take me and attempted to walk home, which, well, wasnt the greatest idea I’ve ever had in all honesty, I’ve only lived here for a couple of weeks and I proceeded to get myself spectacularly lost.


At one point I was at some tennis courts, surrounded by some kind of forest, and was pretty much consigning myself to a night in a hut at a tennis court, which im sure would have been lovely, in the pouring rain. Thankfully post speaking to my hero friend Cheryl back home I found some random stoners who set me off in sort of the right direction, though I then proceeded to get a little lost again.


Ever enterprising man that I am I decided the best solution would be to call my Mum, who needs a big shout out for being a technological cool cat, she managed to get me home on the phone via google maps, big props to my Mum, and I’m sorry to get you worried Mum, I promise too try not to be an idiot in foreign countries in the future!


I apologise to anyone and everyone who I called or attempted to call or sent a message to, after eventually getting home I passed out in a heap and woke up feeling like I had a little monkey inside my craneum who had mistook my brain for a set of bongos, or if you like exactly what I deserved!


Today has been a much more slow pace day, after a lovely Tuna, avocado and cheedar melt for lunch at a cafe I settled into starting the orientation pack for my TEFL course which begins with the grammar section next week before the course proper begins a week on Monday, for a journalism graduate my knowledge of grammar is pathetic, like I know the grammar but I couldn’t begin to explain it, back to school for me!


Tonight I fancied a night away from the flat and my flatmates and Luce suggested that I might take my camera out and photograph Sydney by night, so thats just what I did, armed with my camera and tripod I headed out to Circular Quay, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge and took some beautiful photos, hopefully you will agree when you see them in the next few days.


I have to say the Opera House is ridiculously beautiful when lit up at night, its something I think everyone should see and even though I hope my pictures are good, you should do it in person, its simply stunning. On a similar note the front of Luna Park is crazy and scary, big bright massive clown face, awesome.


After heading back to the flat and talking to various random drunken strangers and showing them my photos I arrived back in time to catch the end of the Blues Brothers, which is still one of the finest films in the history of man, cracks me up every time. Also watched We Are Marshall again, tragic story, great film, great message, love it.


Yesterday was a day of mostly boring, reading up on grammar in preparation for the course and only became interesting on the night when we headed down to Sydney Football Stadium for the semi-final of the rugby league world cup between Oz and Fiji, which was a massacre of Fiji, something like 56-0 but I honestly lost count, however the best moment came when a Fijian player utterly boshed Australia’s #6 who clearly did not know which solar system he was in for a short while afterward, entertaining.


I would however like to questions Australian’s commitment to their team, there were barely any of them inside the stadium and this was the semi final of a world cup – wtf? I did however buy an awesome scarf, which I’m well happy with, got to love sporting memorabilia (or at least you do if you’re me)


Last night and today have been more grammaring, other than the discovery of semi-dried tomatoes, thanks to el Bircho, lush!


Okay, thats enough for now!


Love and Photos!


J. Xx


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  1. No longer techno dinosaur!!!

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