Gelato, Italy, Pizza, TP

So this is probably the longest time since I started between my outbursts into cyberspace. So apologies to any regular readers, life is simply a mad time on this course, although also a fun time.


Last time I was with you I’d put the finishing touches on teaching practice 3 and starting to get into the groove of things, the course is awesome and everyday you feel that you know a little bit more and then a little bit more, which is wonderful. I have since completed teaching practice 4 and 5, getting “above standard” in TP5 and close to it in TP4 which I was really pleased with. I also passed assignment one so that’s wonderful!


There are so many wonderful people on the course, both fellow teachers to be and students, in particular I’ve found myself talking to a Swiss man named Hans and a group of Italians.


Last night we headed out to the restaurant were Fabio and Sante work, myself, Laura, Hans, Sara, Fiermatta (I’m sorry if I can’t spell) along with some of Sara’s flatmates, Swedish Albin and Karl and English Siobhan. (Yes, everyone can be referred to by their country)


The food was wonderful, tasty garlic prawns that I hugely burnt my tongue on follow by a wonderful thin and crispy Italian pizza covered in salami, pancetta, aubergine/eggplant, etc and then topped off by some of the best ice cream, or gelato if we are being correct here, I have had in my entire life, all I can say is WOW! Oh and thanks to Fiermetta for my education in Italy, it is much valued!


After that we headed back to Sara’s place which is completely ridiculous, its on the 35th floor of an apartment block with a wonderful view out across the city, if the Jacuzzi worked it would be paradise, as it is it kicks the shit out of where we live, which itself is amazing.


There I met a few more people from around Europe, a few Germans, a Frenchman and a Scouser called Danny, was wonderful to just talk and drink a few beers and forget about the course for the night!


That said I’m headed from my seat in the library in a second to the table outside in the sun to get on with the latest assignment, which shouldn’t be too bad, just a little time consuming, and at least I get to do it in the sun! Once I’ve made sufficient progress I’m going to reward myself by sitting on the beach and writing in my brand new journal which I’m rather excited about.


It’s a nice, big, thick book with an inspirational message on the front that’s going to record my hopes, dreams, ideas, thoughts and ambitions, I’m excited about it, I feel its time to start living up to my potential so it’s a place to start. It also has a list of all the things I need or want to do in, to remind my crazy head which is wont to forget all the time. I shall also enjoy the satisfaction of crossing out the things which get completed!


The only other notes I have right now are that Mighty Ducks is an awesome film and that Hunter S Thompson is a batshit crazy, yet wonderful writer, I look forward to the end of the course when I can get more reading in!


Okay that’s enough for now, I need to do some work!


Love and Gelato!


J. Xx


One Response to “Gelato, Italy, Pizza, TP”

  1. You sound happy and together! Nice to read! Well done on the above standards and nearly above standard

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