Karaoke, Mighty Ducks and the exit of King Bacardi

I have an interview tomorrow! Birchy is leaving. I’ve started teaching.

Those seem like three notes to start a conversation on. However I shall have to serve you with a bout of suspense. I last left you post-haircut on December 27th. So I spent the day in the city, I checked my e-mails and went searching for a present for my sister’s birthday, I failed miserably; Sara you are impossible to buy for.

For the night we headed out in search of karaokeland but first there was time to to take a pitstop at Case de la Sara (I promise to learn the Italian for this phrase post-haste) for another wonderful meal of Italian prepared pasta. Dolmio isn’t the same anymore.

So; karaoke, we headed out, located Laura and Leiko and grabbed one at the Edinburgh Hotel, a bar with karaoke. However we were in search of Asian karaoke but that was avenue that only brought sorrow; the two places we found were both of the kind where you get a little room with your friends and sing away; not the kind of public shame that I prefer to spectate on.

So we headed back to the Edinburgh hotel, sadly there was no room on the playlist to get my retarded warblings on the go, instead we enjoyed a few drinks and listened to Roberta take on Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry and come away with a decisive victory.

A big mention to the incredibly gay compere (sp?), the woman who sang I’m In Chains with the ridiculous voice and the random crazy drunk man at the bar who slammed 8 dollars down infront of me and stumbled off toward the dancefloor; thank you.

Yesterday became another of my favourite lazy days in Australia, the ones I will look back on with a general fondness designated by the fact I did mainly nothing. The library (with the crazy geek who resembled something from the Big Bang Theory without the sharp wit or any redeeming qualities being a complete loop, you’re not reading this but fuck you its okay to ask someone where their flatmate is in a library, douche.) Sorry I had to get that out there.

That was followed by time on the grass near the beach, reading HST, chatting the shit with Dean and writing in my journal. I came home to another wonderfully prepared Birchy meal, chicken stuffed with mozarella and basil, admittedly not your usual travellers’s fare.

The night turned into from Jerry Maguire (a classic which I love) into a Mighty Ducks fest; both one and two were watched, not the best idea when I happened to have my very first day of teaching lieing ahead of me the next day. Still Mighty Ducks won and I hit the hay at around 3 in the morning.

I awoke with around 3 hours of sleep in my tanks and headed into for my very first day of being an English teacher. Against all odds it went fantastically, I got through everything that I aimed to, the students seemed to enjoy their day and I had a good time too, a win all in all.

After class I came to the pleasant and wonderful surprise of an interview with the Manly branch of international house tomorrow for a position that would last the whole of January, if I can get it will be wonderful.So, err, cross your fingers for me plesae!

That wasn’t the end of the shock news though; I came home to find out that my one and only house chef has decided against the sun and will head back home to blighty at the end of the month; tragic, you will be missed King Bacardi.

Which leaves the watching of Madagascar along with an awesome home cooked curry, followed by a rewatching of the wonderful Forgetting Sarah Marshall and here I am, sleep is forthcoming before a day of class and a trip to Manly for the interview.

Love and Mighty Ducks

J. Xx


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