Birthday Bonanza

Waking up this morning brought an eerie silence not normally associated with our flat at 11am in the morning, it was however completely appropriate considering the carnage that was my birthday celebrations last night.

The day began relatively serenely, up late and went ten pin bowling, named appropriately as various 90’s footballers we bowled the lights out, I managed to come in second with more than a little luck, as Birchy took the win. The final scoreboard looked like this:

Birch (Craig Hignett) – 118
Moi (Juninho) – 108
Wheatley (Denny Ingram) – 107
Paul (Mark Tinkler) – 105
Dean (Tony Skedd) – 105
Marty (Darren Knowles) – 64

After that the rest of the afternoon was a chilled out affair, putting some photos up on facebook and chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool. (Without the basketball outside of the school)

So onto the night, some of these details will be hazy, so give me the benefit of the doubt, the first stop was star bar for a couple of quick drinks, a cheap steak and to meet people. A quick mention to Sara’s friend Beppe and his Iron Handshake, Wheatley is still crying!

We then headed over to the Annandale Hotel, a local rock joint, the first band on were pretty good but the second left a lot to be desired so after a couple we headed on our way to a bar a couple of streets away that Dean and Wheatley had stumbled across called the Empire.

We headed in there to be greeted by a rock cover band, the place was quite empty but we gave it an atmosphere anyway, kicking off and drinking faster than we probably should have been. The clock ticked midnight and I got a chorus of happy birthday off all everybody.

We then headed up the front for a jump about and a bit of a mosh to covers of the Chilis, Rage, Iron Maiden and the like. I got a chorus of Happy Birthday from the band and when they finished their set the lead singer stage dived into the middle of us, he was caught by Marty, nearly broke Birchy’s neck and knocked my glasses off with his foot, which I somehow managed to catch with my teeth. Good times.

Side Bar was the next stop for the night, the messiness continued in there, ridiculous amounts of dancing and idiocy, topped off by New York New York complete with foot kicking madness. Parts of Side Bar are a little hazy and the taxi ride home is hazier still but we made it home without problem somehow.

Now today has been my actual birthday and it has been a much more chilled out affair, a little bit of the beach followed by a healthy dose of simple sitting around, on the night we headed out for a meal at the Italian’s restaurant, as per usual wonderful food.

Myself and Marty came up with a novel solution to the old pizza or pasta debate: have a pasta and half a pizza each, sorted. As per usual the ice cream was ridiculously good, the lemon one giving a particularly sharp sting to the tastebuds!

Thanks to my Moms for the traditional Terry’s Choc Orange and to my flat for the rather nice t-shirts they got me; especially the blue one, I love the blue one. And finally happy birthday to my Dad as well; we share a birthday!

Love and Stage Dives

J. Xx


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