Czechorseopoly and other musings!

When I last left you I’d just lost a pair of glasses to a drunken haze; in good news I haven’t lost any more since then, in bad news the others havent turned up, ah well. So another week down another week of adventure.

Last Saturday was pretty much a wipe out, I wasn’t feeling like partying with anyone after the night before. Sunday was another beautifully relaxed Oz day, a trip to the library, grabbing a few books and lazing on the beach.

As far as grabbing books goes, I couldnt find much that I fancied on the shelves of the adult library so I decided to bow down to the pressure of my sis and others and head down to the junior section for a slice of Harry Potter action and there I also found the Redwall books, which was awesome!

Of course I smashed the first 2 Potters in 2 days so I’m back here today to pick up the next few, amazing books, had me gripped from start to finish; I was wishing the ferry ride to and from work would take longer every day!!!

Class has of course been fun as usual all week. Im gonna miss my students when I finish working here or when some of them leave from as soon as this coming Friday. Boo.

Tuesday night after work I found time to head to the cinema for the first time since I arrived in Oz, heading to see the Wrestler with Mickey Rourke in, and I have to say what a great film, very much worth watching if you get a chance, a very human story with great acting.

On Wednesday none of my Brazilians were all away oni a trip as part of their tour group, class was indeed a bit quieter but myself and Igor decided that we had missed them so much that we would head to the Brazilian restaurant that got me in so much trouble the previous week for, this time of course after class.

We got there and the waitress convinced me to try a Brazilian dish named “Mocqua de Peixe” (which ever since I’ve been trying to learn how to pronounce and failing miserably) and oh my god if she wasn’t right, a beautiful piece of fish on a bed of gently flavoured garlic rice with a tomato/pepper sauce filled with mussels, octopus and other fish, absolutely lovely and I think possibly the best fish dish I’ve ever had in a restaurant.

Not sure that it beat good old Hartlepool fish and chips but its certainly close!

At the end of Thursdays class I had left my class with the prospect of a DVD on Friday as we had more than done everything I thought we needed to do for the week and headed to a meeting with my boss who wanted to watch one of my lessons on Friday.

I found out during this meeting that apparently I had to give my class a test the next Thursday which was something that nobody had thought to let me know. Which wouldnt have been TOO bad if Monday wasn’t Australia day, a public holiday so that left me with Tues/Weds and part of Friday to cover a week long module before the test. Shit.

So in blind panic I stayed back in the office and with regular bouts of Sports Illustrated and Facebook proceeded to work for four hours on the lessons for the next week and the lesson plan for the lesson that would be observed the following day.

Yesterday morning I had to announce to my class that rather than watching Happy Gilmore they would be working from the textbook which they weren’t too fond of but there was little else I could do.

Lesson 2 was the observed one and I’d ask my boss if he could watch me do a lesson with board games so that I could learn how to use them and improve my students English at the same time. So it was time for a game of Scrabble but moe interestingly than that initial discussions revealed that Monopoly in the Czech Republic is slightly different….

There are no places or streets in Czechopoly, no, you buy horses, and you dont buy houses and hotels, you make bets on your horses. I don’t know about you but I want to play. Badly. Someone please buy me Horseopoly, it sounds awesome.

The game became competitive with people’s cries of thats not a word and you can’t do that, which made the class a lot of fun. My boss didn’t seem in too much of a rush to meet with me so I’m hoping that the lesson wasn’t too bad.

In good news I’ve secured my job until the end of Feb which is when my Mum arrives to come see me, which I’m very excited about, and also when I’m heading down to Melbourne (woop, Grand prix, woop). Keeping the job will allow me to build up a little money, hopefully, so I’m very happy about that.

After class yesterday I again headed to the beach with my class, where we admired the bikini clad babes, had a good bit of barbecue and talked shit. A wonderful time, this week I headed to bar for only a little while, and left of my own choice, in time to get the ferry home and I managed to sleep in my own bed.

A shoutout to my student Sandro, who on Wednesday morning woke up on a bench, in a park, thats a fair reason for not coming to class, no?

I dont believe next Friday will be so quiet, a lot of the Brazilians are leaving so im going to book a spot in a hostel in Manly I think, it will probably be cheaper than stumping up for the taxi home, if I can have my glases at the end of the night though I will be a happy man!

Love and Czechorseopoly

J. Xx


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