Grammar Tests, Australia Day and Movie Hugs

When I left you all on Saturday I had manage to survive a Friday in Manly without losing a pair of glasses; something I may fail to achieve tomorrow, but more of that later.

So this brings us to Saturday; I spent the lions share of the daytime at the library/beach (which are in the same place, not a combination of library and beach, that would be weird, finding books to read while walking on a sandy floor) but I digress, I would like to point out it 38 degrees at my local beach on Saturday, lying in the sun reading a book was enough to make me sweat my tits off, so I took shelter in the shade.

The night was the leaving party of my Italian friend Sara, so I headed into the city and up to the top floor of her crazy apartment block and proceeded to drink the night away, alongside the always beautiful Italian food (Sara if you are reading this I want your Bruschetta Tomato stuff recipe) as well as talking to rather a lot of Swedish people as some of my Swedish friends are off as well.

The night was a rather fun affair and drifted on for rather awhile; I found myself taking the first train of the day from Central station to go home, except for I fell asleep and awoke in Bondi Junction to the sound of the train woman shouting “GET OFF, IT’S THE END OF THE LINE”, to which I asked, “What happened to Edgecliff” and I received back a booming “YOU STAY ON THE TRAIN, EVERYONE ELSE GET OFF”, on the return leg I managed to stay awake and get home so I could crawl into my bed come 6AM.

Sunday was spent in bed for the first while before I surfaced at 3 PM to head into the city and find some new CDs (Cribs and Futureheads) and be an internet American football geek (always fun)

The night was to be Birchy’s last in Oz, so we sat up and drank with him and we all proceeded to talk copious amounts of shit as Birchy got out of his tree after doing in rather a lot of alcohol.

The next day was Australia Day, a Monday off work as it’s a public holiday out here, no doubt something similar would be deemed racist back home and not allowed to happen. So we said our goodbyes to El Birch as he headed for his plane and headed across to Manly to my friend Lucy’s, we missed the barbecue but did arrive in time to see the inflatable island in the sea so all was not lost.

After that it was time to head into the Rocks, a part of Sydney I had yet to explore and was eager to, the bars in the area were quality, poor show on the part of all the Aussies aside from Jamie who headed home early. We went round the Glenmore, the Argyle and the Orient before heading back along to Jacksons on George where Jamie ran off to let in a flatmate who had locked himself out.

Then it was time for a taxi to the golden sheaf in Double Bay before heading home and drinking copious amounts of water so I might be in some sort of state to face work the next day.

I had my first bad day as a teacher on Monday, the afternoon lesson I failed miserably to teach what I was trying to do, I thought I had prepared and evidently I hadn’t. So I spent Monday night reading Harry Potter and my grammar textbook and went back over everything in much more convincing fashion the next morning.

Which brings us to Wednesday night, last night, I went from work to the cinema with my flatties to see Clint Eastwood’s new film Gran Torino, I hate to spoil anything so I won’t say anything other than GO AND SEE IT, amazing film!

The rest of the night was finished with me and Dean cooking for ourselves in this crazy post-Birchy world and some more Potter.

Today has been an interesting day of teaching, lesson two was to be the first test I administered as a teacher, everybody’s favourite; grammar! It went down well I thought, and the marks came back good, a range of 31.5% to 72.5%, special congratulations to my Brazilian student Pedro for the top mark!

And so here I am, with the prospect of a spinning, twirling, movie style hug from Pamela in the morning and going to get my shopping in Coles.

I’m slightly gutted right now though, I’ve just been informed that as of Monday I will be teaching a new class at a new level, something I’m not awfully happy about as I love my class but I believe it’s the nature of this teaching beast!

Tomorrow night should be appropriately mental with a lot of the Brazilians heading off into the sunset, so I’m going to book a night in a hostel over here, I don’t rate my chances of making it back over to my side of the city once the ferries stop, if I cant get a place then I guess an expensive taxi or taking the earliest ferry are my options, tune in next time to find out what the hell will happen!

A special mention to the fashion police for their staged robbery of my bright orange Sunkist pants, I missed them and am glad they have turned up safe and sound. I believe every home needs a bit of a colour, even if I happen to be wearing it!

Love and movie hugs

J. Xx


One Response to “Grammar Tests, Australia Day and Movie Hugs”

  1. I haven’t had a movie hug/tampon throwing session in Coles/30c icecream in weeks…
    tut tut

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