Breaking Bones in the Blue Mountains

So I left you with anticipation of Top Gear Live and it did not dissapoint, Clarkson was utterly hilarious, Hammond got mocked but did well in reply and the Aussie presenter Steve Pizzaface got completely debacled.

It was a great night, with lots of stuff going on, ‘tard that I am I didn’t have a camera with me to take note of all the sights, a situation that needs correcting soon I feel! Still if you have the chance to get to the Live show get on it, well worth the price of entry.

That was followed with a nice easy day’s teaching on Friday, watching Madagascar and having a laugh with that followed up by the usual trip to Shelley beach, as per usual there was much barbecue and beer. I sang Wonder and Don’t Look Back in Anger on my lonesome for a crowd and managed to actually sound half creditable, a new one for me! I also learnt a Swiss Card game, with their different cards, Under, Uber, Konig and Flowers are the names of the game rather than Jack/Queen/King/Ace!

We headed onward to the Steyne, thankfully this week I wasn’t quite as off my tits and managed to just dance like an idiot for some time before taking a taxi home. We were due to head into the Blue Mountains early the next day so I necked a litre of juice and tried to catch a couple of hours.

Although a little groggy the next morning I just about made it out of the house on time and we got on the train headed for the Blue Mountains which should have taken a little over two hours. Except it didn’t; we were massively delayed, by around three hours and to add insult to injury some Chinese women got on and one of them was the loudest most rude person you could ever hope NOT to come across.

I couldn’t hide my contempt while looking across the train incredulously as she proceeded to bark instructions into her phone like the boss of the triads at a volume I’d associate with Dom Joly on Trigger Happy TV; I was half expecting a cameraman to be somewhere in the vicinity!

Still we eventually made it up to the Blue Mountains, we got out to Scenic World to take the skycar, with groovy see through bottom, the mountainside train (steepest in the world, a little scary but more awesome) and the cable car back up. We got to see the Three Sisters and lots of other wonderful sights in a very beautiful area.

Big thanks to the bus driver for letting us pay half the price thanks to our delay on the way up, lovely chap. On our return I managed to pick up a cheap copy of Harry Potter so I could get through the second half of the fourth one. We chilled in the hostel for awhile before heading out for something to eat.

An early night was in order before mountain biking the next day, which was awesome, until, I lost control, either through my own fault or because the tyre punctured and was sent sailing nicely into a tree. Cue trip to hospital and discovery of a broken cheek bone and nose. Of course another set of destroyed glasses as well, not something I have a good history with.

Thankfully the cheekbone is hollow and doesn’t hurt too much unless I open my mouth really wide and my nose has seen a few breaks over the years so it could be worse, my jaw and teeth are a little sore but nothing seems out of place!

So we headed back from the Mountains and into the city, on the night I consoled myself with the new Franz Ferdinand CD (though I still haven’t got a chance to listen to it yet sadly) and of course, Wagamama’s which was delightful as per usual!

Monday was pretty much a write off, a day off work for my shiner to go even crazier colours before my return to work on Tuesday. Of course I returned to work in prescription sunglasses as I’m down to some taped up cycling accident glasses and nothing else. Oops.

Teaching has been pretty cool so far this week, I’ve been mocked for my hastily slapdash glasses but that’s fair, new pair shouldn’t be too long but will have to shoulder on for now with the shit ones.

Oh and a massive Happy Birthday to my flatmate Laura, who managed to forgive my idiocy at forgetting which day of the week it was, I appreciate it!

I did play in a game of Scrabble in my class and lose, can’t even wit at a game in my own language, what’s the world coming to, eh? Tomorrow is the Lion King and Shelley beach, im looking forward to it and this week I will win at Swiss cards!!

Love and Wonderwall

J. Xx


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