Idiocy is fun: Happy Feet.

Well, I would just like to wonder why people do certain things when they are smashed, some get angry, some get tired, some cry their eyes out, but me, I get Happy Feet, which will never be a positive for someone with my dancing skill set (or lack thereof).

That however was last night and I left you on Tuesday so lets get chronological and rewind to the Mexican, which as reported was absolutely brilliant, a special mention also to the menu, it had stories and pictures and general all round awesome, good effort on their part.

On the night we headed to the Steyne for a couple of cold ones and a

Wednesday is always fun, a nice short day at school, followed by a trip with my students to the Brazilian, I tried the Picanha Sandwich, absolutely terrifically delicious when washed down with a cold refreshing Guarana, I’m looking forward to being in Brazil and being able to drink it with every meal!!!

The night was karaoke night in the Steyne, and as I can’t resist a chance to look foolish I threw down my name and proceeded to the stage, and it actually went quite well. I took on Help by the Beatles and did well with it, even being told by some people I didn’t know that I had a great voice, which was nice!

Thursday after class was a beach volleyball marathon, three hours of the game led to my arms and back aching but what an awesome time, diving around in the sand is always fun. While playing of course style points are important, making a dive ballerina like is an essential skill. After a quick refreshing run around in the waves and a shower we headed down to the Steyne for pool and terrible (yet hilarious) jokes about horses from Ivo.

Now we get to yesterday, Friday, an awesome time! Class was the worst lesson in the book, Present Perfect Continuous or shitty rarely used tense that is hard to teach if you want an accurate description! It was however lots of fun, we had the iPod on speaker and me teaching sat on the table, a wonderful time.

Of course afterwards it was time for Shelley beach, we made it down to the beach to find out we had bought small bottles of beer by mistake, they did still taste and have the same effect as beer, so all was not lost! We enjoyed kangaroo and burgers courtesy of Chef Ivo and witnessed a wedding on the beach on what was an absolutely gorgeous day.

Girls all around could be heard cooing and awwing and stating that they want a wedding like this. Thinking it might be a good time I thought I would propose to two of my students at the same time, gaining a yes from one, woohoo!

The night went on and the beach got dark, the police arrived to move everyone on so we headed into the Steyne, where I proceeded to go from tipsy to drunk, not completely fucked but quite drunk enough for me to get the Happy Feet I mentioned at the start of this post out.

Upstairs at the Brazilian carnival I decided to invent a new dancefloor game that I hope will catch on worldwide, its like breakdancing, combined with tig, you have to tap your foot on the other persons and get both, while making out like your not English and can pull off something akin to Capoiera.

Of course thinking back I know I must have looked like a complete spoon and I love that, idiocy is fun after all. The hangover is wearing off now and I’m going to head to the beach to read Harry Potter.

On a final note a couple of people have come out of the woodwork as being voyeuristic viewers of my blog in the past week, if there any other closet readers out there could you come out of the cupboard and let me know?! Alright, keep on dancing folks!

Love and Happy Feet!

J. Xx


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