A Chinese Emperor in a Shit Opera

So life as a tourist, it seems a little weird, I’ve spent the last four months on my teaching course or teaching itself, and after all that it’s a little different to again have the time to tour the city and see places, which I really should do with me only having a couple of days left here!

As I left you on Monday we were headed to the SkyTower to get a good view of Sydney from its highest (I think?) building, which was a cool experience, the OzTrek ride you do beforehand is quite cool but the main part is going up the tower.

It was a lovely day and when we got to the top you could see for miles and miles, now I didn’t know what many of the things were but it was cool all the same! I did however spy the large Coca-Cola sign which means your close to my old home, so that was really cool!

We headed home to chill the beans for awhile and I got on with reading the latest Danny Wallace offering “Friends Like These”, which so far has an absolutely barnstorming book, if you have never read him before get hold of “Yes Man”, which is apparently nothing like the film which I’m yet to see or his first book, “Are you Dave Gorman?” which is written by both him and Dave!

Anyway after that advertising campaign, that night myself and Mum headed out to Billy Kwong, a famous Chinese restaurant here, the Lonely Planet had said it was the size of a shoebox, but opon arrival I felt postage stamp might be more appropriate.

That said after some deliberation and some advice from the waitress that the portions were more than ample for 2 we settled on the crispy skin duck in an organic plum sauce with some fried rice and Chinese greens. Wow. Just simply amazing food, not somewhere you could eat every night thanks to the prices sadly but highly recommended, check it out!

Thursday dawned bright and early (11am in my new tourist world) and we headed into Chinatown, to be greeted by a sign saying “all men are the same in the four seas” (riddle me that anyone?) and headed on to the Chinese Gardens.

A place I’ve been excited about going since I found out you could dress up as a Chinese emperor and wander around the place, something that very much appeals to the child in me. So I got dressed up in my bright yellow robes and had a wander round, random women were bowing to me and it was hilarious, my latest facebook profile picture serving as ample evidence!

The Gardens by the way were beautiful but dressing as an emperor is more fun 😛 After that we headed down to Darling Harbour and on to the Sydney Fish Markets, which were cool, if smelly, my Mum bought some Oz themed cookie cutters so she was happy. On the way back we walked past the Powerhouse Museum which was having a Star Wars exhibition which meant people dressed as Stormtroopers outside, excellent and of course I got my photo!
The night was to be our trip to the Opera House to see an Opera, my Mum had been told by the woman on the desk that “Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk” was a Russian take on Macbeth, in English.

If it was based on Macbeth at all I would be very shocked, although maybe its that Macbeth by Shakespeare is a tragedy and Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk is tragically bad? Before I carry on in this vein however can I just say a big “FUCK YOU” to the idiots behind us, one of whom decided to put her iPod on, I hope you all get hit in the teeth with bricks.

The one good thing to come out of this was that after complaining to the Usher we were moved into the expensive seats (although our originals had cost 100 quid for a pair so cheap is a relative term here). Even with the subtitles it was still a bit crap. I appreciate the talent of the actors and the Orchestra’s performance was outstanding but really singing things like “you are impotent” at your on stage husband, its not exactly a top story is it?

Next time I’m on Broadway I think I will see something like the Lion King, even if its shit I will know the words for the songs at least! I can now however say I’ve seen Opera at the Opera House so that’s bang on. I do have to say that I went to the Opera House in shirt, trousers and a pair of large skater style Vans, I have no shoes, my apologies to the fashion police, I didn’t look at stupid as the man in orange jeans is all I have to say (other than that I would like a pair)

Being classy we followed the Opera House with a trip to Maccy D’s for a Big Mac and a session slating the dross we had just seen, we both expressed our opinion that it would have been better for Frank Gallagher to turn up on stage, although I’m sure the other people there who were wearing more in jewellery than I will earn in my lifetime will disagree.

So we arrive at today, I started by heading over to Manly, running to my friend Lucy’s to grab a bag that had been there for around 2 months (I am finally reunited with my flip flops and my favourite pair of shorts) and then met my former students and other friends for something to eat. It was lovely to see everyone, some of them for the last time for awhile before I left Sydney.

Maelle I am going to hold you to an animal fancy dress party in Switzerland, yes I will be a poisson rouge! After a quick pint post meal it was time to head back across the city and here I am. It’s Melbourne on Friday and I’m excited, but before I go tomorrow I’m doing the Sydney explorer to see the sights, four months after I arrived here. Better late than never, eh?

Love and (shit) Operas

J. Xx


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