American Pie in the Sky

Well, here I stand on the precipice of leaving Sydney and I have to say that I’m going to miss it but I’m also incredibly excited to be moving on. Now that I’ve been a tourist for a couple of days as well I’ve seen a little more of Sydney, which had been a long time coming.

However as you know, chronology is the way forwards so we shall backtrack to Wednesday, the evening was spent returning to Wagamama with my Mum, for what was again another wonderful meal, love that place. I cocked up my train/ferry times and found myself sprinting to make it to Circular Quay in time to join some of my students one last time in Sydney.

Karaoke night in the Steyne, myself and Robin nailed American Pie (the Don McLean version, Madonna is shit) and then for some reason I found myself slightly tipsy involved in some kind of dance off, which I of course had no right to be in, still I got my happy feet and ripped the carpet a new hole!

Yesterday was tourist time, first things first we headed to the bus stop to get on the explorer bus, while there the bus for Star City Casino pulled up and a million old Chinese people appeared from nowhere and took over the bus like I imagine pirates would have back in the day.

With no sign of the bus we decided to walk to the Powerhouse museum as it was around the corner, the main reason for going being that they had a Star Wars exhibit on, which I’m aware makes me a massive geek but it was totally awesome, Star Wars is top and I got my picture taken with my brother Chewbacca!

We proceeded on the bus to Watson’s Bay and went to Doyle’s the seafood basket was awesome but sat on my stomach something crazy, causing me to be rather sleepy for the next while, which in turn caused us to chop the rest of the tour and head back to the flat, having seen most of Sydney’s main tourist attractions.

On the night it was time to catch up with an old friend who was studying on exchange from here in Preston when I was in my first year; Marianne. Now we’ve been attempting to arrange something since I arrived four months ago, but I guess sometimes you do things right at the last minute (not that I would know anything about that, being very prepared :P).

It was a great catch-up that should have come a lot earlier but we enjoyed an awesome veggie lasagna and talked about all manner of random topics, from the IQ of geriatric twins to the awesomeness or lack thereof of Britney Spears.

A bus back to the hotel and bit of sleep later and I awoke this morning to pack my bags and gather my thoughts, its to the station now for the train to the airport and then into the skies! So Melbourne here we come, onward!

Love and Geriatrics

J. Xx


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