Adam Hills, Melbourne Thrills and Shit Hotel Managers

Here I am, Melbourne, a new city, a new place to explorer, its all new and of course for the first couple of days I have felt majorly lost. I’ve left the comfort zone I had in Sydney and now I don’t know where anything is all over again but thats okay, thats all part of the fun so bring it on.

I left you headed for my flight to Melbourne, upon arriving at the airport I got done for $11 for an “airport link” or 6 quid just to get into the airport, robbing bastards. Once inside a Subway got attacked like a cake by the fattest kid due to starvation issues on my part.

The flight itself was pretty damned uneventful, my DS was out of battery *sniff* so it was magazines, iPod and some sudoku all the way, it was pretty much over before it started though. The taxi upon arrival got jammed in all kinds of traffic but made its way through to the hotel eventually.

Upon getting to our room in the hotel we unpacked, a little later we switched on the lights to be presented with an ungodly noise, the kind that causes an instant headache, we called reception, the manager came up, lameneted the electrician and said we could stay there or move into a smaller room, the latter was the lesser of two evils so we took that option, repacked, moved and unpacked again.

After doing precisely fuck all for a few hours it was time to venture out into the city, in aid of exploration and in search of sustenance. We were aiming for a place called Pellegrini’s that the lonely planet had mentioned but upon arrival it didn’t seem to be quite what it was said to be, so we left in search of something better looking.

Thankfully that was located just across the road: The Spaghetti Tree (awesome name by the way), the Pasta with chicken, chilies, avocado and mushrooms was top notch when accompanied by a bruschetta. After a wander back through the streets we arrived back at the hotel.

Of course our new room wasn’t so perfect after all, we were treated to shaking walls from the pub/club next door, I could have actually joined in with the likes of My Sharona and Sexual Healing from the comfort of my bed, absolute shithouse.

Anyway eventually I got some sleep and reception rang to check if everything had been okay, I remarked upon the bass explosion we’d been treated and of course true to form it was time to move rooms again. They assured they would have someone with us in 5 minutes to help us move our bags and etc.

Thirty minutes later nothing doing my Mum headed to reception, the manager was “busy with his staff” which probably meant a cheeky bit of slap and tickle in the office in all fairness and we were to sort ourselves out.

So we’d been moved twice, through no fault of our own, on shitness on their part and fuck all, no free breakfast, no real apology, nothing. Well fuck that, if you are in Melbourne don’t bother with the Pensione, the rooms are nice but everything else is a bit shit. The third room is okay so far but I’m sure something will go wrong soon *sigh*. Rant over.

This afternoon we headed out into the city, after buying some tat (Mum) and eating Subway (mainly me, I think I’m addicted) we got on the free tram around the centre to try and get an idea of what was were. We also picked up all kinds of maps and leaflets from the information centre, so now I feel a little more comfortable in my comfort level in the city.

We did see some rather random sculptures and the like on our way round, including a massive purse and bizarrely a cow in a tree (not a real cow I hasten to add) before getting back to the hotel. We’ve been planning events for the next few days, tonight were off to an Aussie Rules game, which should be interesting as neither of us know any of the “Rules” for Aussie Rules.

So in short, Melbourne is exciting, and I’m completely stoked about going to not only the Grand Prix but also to see Adam Hills (thanks for the introduction Birch) live next month, if you don’t know who he is check him out on DVD or YouTube, awesome comedian.

Right I need to get ready!

Love and Spaghetti Trees

J. Xx


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    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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