Penguin Parades and Japanese Snatch Photographers

Well as I type this there’s not long left until backpacker time, Mum leaves early in the morning and I ship off to King St Backpacker’s not long after that, time to become a real travelling adventurer, only four and a half months after I arrived!

Wednesday first, the daytime was a slow meander, no rush, no hurry, we started with lunch at the “Lovely Pancake Parlour”, a savoury Mexican chicken style crepe to begin and a buttermilk pancake with ice cream and copious amounts of maple syrup to finish, accompanied with a ridiculously huge Ice Cream Soda, awesome, like being seven years old again.

We then headed off to take photos of our favourite Sydney landmark: the cow in a tree, which is quite literally a paper mache cow, upside down, in a tree. Which is awesome. I love the randomness of Melbourne, there’s weird statues and suchlike around every corner.

That was followed with a look round some shops, managed to pick up a new t-shirt so thats an extra day or two before I have to wash everytime from now on. On the night we went out for that burger with our newfound Irish friends, and it was awesome, as it was before, in Grill’d.

Absolute monster of a meal though, sure I will be back there time and again. That was followed by a couple of drinks in an Irish bar around the corner, in which there was a shirt signed by Rod Steward when he had been there for a Celtic vs Rangers game previously, it had 2 pictures inside the frame, one of Rod looking relatively healthy and one of Rod towards the end of the night looking completely fucked. Excellent.

Bed called thanks to us having a long day ahead of us today. I got up in time to see Arsenal beat Roma on penalties to edge through in the Champions League, impressive to see all four English clubs make the quarters, I think I would like Arsenal to triumph if given the choice though, I can’t take Chelsea and Man Utd/Liverpool have won it in recent times.

So for the day we were headed out to Philip Island for the Penguin Parade, or the return from the sea of all the little (30cm) Australian native Penguins after a day of fishing. However that was for the night; there was plenty to do on the daytime.

The first real stop was an Australian animal zoo style place, where you got to feed the wildlife, the wallabies and kangaroos came up and ate food from your hand, or if you weren’t yet giving them the food they would grab your hand and try to pull it down. You could also feed the goats and alapaca (sp?) goats that are like llamas. Oh and you could feed the emus, which are vicious, vicious creatures, and they move so quick, one took some found (and a small amount of skin) from my hand before I had chance to realise what was happening.

That was followed with a walk on a lovely beach, a visit to the Penguin area early to check if we could see any (we could, hiding under the boardwalks and not wanting to be involved in a decent photo). I do have to mention the tubby English girl who got down on her front, in a skirt, to try and photograph the penguins, which revealed to the passing public that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. THAT would have been bad enough but then the old Japanese guy on our tour group started taking photos, quite blatantly, of her snatch, how very bizarre, can’t believe his wife/family and/or the girl didn’t notice.

Next up came pizza, which was decidedly mediocre (I of course blagged some slices for breakfast/lunch tomorrow, im a backpacker now!) and then it was time for the main event.

Which was completely awesome, the little penguins come waddling up the beach. Some of them had eaten way too much so as to stay in their burrows for 2+ weeks while they shed their coat and grow a new one. So these extra plump penguins of course struggled massively at getting up the beach and to their burrows, continually, comically flopping over on to their bellies and struggling to keep pace with the others.

That they were often confounded by mounds of seaweeds and chose to rush it in a battle of Normandy fashion only made the proceedings better. They also run in a silly waddle like fashion, which is always entertaining.

On the way back they (the penguins) were all stood around having a good old bit of banter with each other, sadly on the night photography was barred as flashes apparently scare the penguins so I’ve no great photos to show but if you’re ever here you have to check it out.

The journey home was long but now here I am in my last night in the hotel room, hostel time tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it, can’t wait to meet some new people and I also can’t wait to sort out a ticket for the Bushfire relief gigs this weekend; Jet, Wolfmother, Jack Johnson and Kings of Leon are playing amonst other awesome bands, cannot wait!

Right, on that note I should grab some kip before I don’t get any!

Love and (little) Penguins

J. Xx


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