Haircut Marinara

When I left you anticipation was high for the Marinara and it didn’t dissapoint, it may have been slightly creamier than anticipated but the garlicy creamy sauce did a fab job alongside the seafood selection that is the Marinara mix. It actually feels like I’m slowly expanding my culinary repertoire, how shocking!

Post eating it was time for a few beers and a friend of mine from the Sydney days was popping across, so we settled in for a few games of cards before it was time for the emotional game of matchbox. My form wasn’t the best its been in all honesty and at one point I was on the end of a 20 finger build up, a heavy penalty to be sure.

When the oasis (read beers) dried up it was time to head out for a few in Pugg Mahone’s the Six Nations was on so we settled in for some of that, seeing the French destroy Italy, after walking my friend to the station I headed back to the bar, took in the first five or ten of the England game and decided to take my tired self back to the hostel, where I promptly stayed up chatting for another hour.

Still, I wouldnt have wanted to be there for the long haul anyway, according to my Irish mate the place was raucous as Wales missed that kick as time expired, I don’t think it would have been a fun celebration when you’re the wrong nationality, I feel sorry for the Welsh fans who were there!

Yesterday began with Subway for lunch and then a desire to not spend a day in the hostel led us to the Greek festival in the city, I would love to say it was stunning but it was err more fun if you were Greek it would seem, still a couple of nice photos for the old facebook!

We headed from there across the bridge to the South of the river, to have wander through a local market and then through the food and wine festival. Inviting smells seemed to taunt us but nothing stunning leapt out. We took the tram past the upside down cow in a tree (still entertains me greatly) back to the hostel.

Upon arriving back it was deemed the right time, after I’d been talking about it for days, to take the clippers to my hair and have it shorn off, my receding hairline causes me to look faintly ridiculous often once my hair gets past about 2 inches in length and I’m determined not to try and hold on to it and look the fool. So I trusted a Frenchman to shear my non-golden locks and I now have what would be equivalent to a number 3 or so I would think. The world has become colder.

After that we cooked Chicken Tikka Masala and did pretty much nothing with the rest of the night, which resulted in an early bedtime and a bit of reading. Which read to me waking up in time for the free breakfast this morning.

This then meant that we were heading out early (for me (10:30)) to go and do a little sightseeing, activity before the midday cut-off seems cursed however, the gallery we headed to was infact closed to the world on Monday, so we headed off in search of Captain Cook’s cottage. Which for some bizarre reason an Aussie had bought from England, deconstructed and reconstructed in a park in Central Melbourne, quite bizarre.

After seeing a model Tudor village we headed to see Parliament house, which is, well, parliamentary looking? We enjoyed lunch and I have nothing more to report. This is one of my shorter diatribes, maybe I will have some more drunken adventures for you after tonight!

Love and Tikka Masala!

J. Xx


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