The Botanical Gardens of Peer Pressure

Welcome to the pre-four days of Formula One blog, it might be awhile until I get back on here so I thought I would udpate before I take a quick reminisce through the past couple of days, which I don’t think can be classed as riveting but defintitely hope to make mildly interesting!

After leaving you on Monday I took part in my first Italian lesson with my friend Fiammetta, I am now au fait with saying the numbers, days of the week and month and I can also say I am a red fish in Italian (Io sono une pesce rosso).

So, Io sono Jon, sono Inglese! Oh, and, ho ventitre ventitre anni! It seems quite hard but im hoping that I can pick up the basics before I start to work in Italy and that will leave me with a solid start to function in Italy if I’m living there!

After I arrived home late myself and the lads decided that due to starvation issues we would have the quick and easy hot dogs with onions, which worked out well, except for it being too much, which caused our subsequent trip to the pub to be less of a raucous occasion than it might have been, this was added to by the band playing the exact same set they had from a week earlier, rubbish considering they were knocking out purely covers, I dont need 3 Bon Jovi songs (although I have some friends who do, you know who you are) in an evening, learn some Wolfmother or something!

We called it an early night and decided on a little sightseeing for Tuesday, this involved us walking our way across the bridge and into the botanical gardens which can rightly be described as pleasant, nice place to sit and read a few chapters of a book and a ridiculously lovely place to have right next to the centre of a city. We also had a wander through the Melbourne Olympic Park from the 1956 games which was damned cool, really love the Olympics so I love visiting the sites if I can when I’m in or around places. Oh and we peer pressured Kitty Cat into getting an F1 ticket, excellent work it has to be said!

We returned to head out in search of food again, we ended up with kangaroo fillet, accompanied by our self-made (look at us) egg fried rice and a tomato and avocado salad which all in was a rather delicious meal! That was followed by some reading and not a lot else, its a quite couple of days in preparation for the grand prix.

Today has seen us head out to a free art gallery in the city, which was pretty cool, some of the aboriginal stuff was badass and as per usual the paintings actually of something made much more of an impression on me than any of that “modern” guff, maybe I just dont get it but whats good about a “chair” that would be about as comfortable to sit on as jamming a syringe in your eyeball? Mental.

Now its library time with anticipation of free pasta in the hostel and looking forward to the beginning of the F1 festivities tomorrow, no actual F1 cars until Friday but it will be nice to get the place scoped out and an idea of where we might sit on race day and I’m so happy the FIA have been made to bin that retarded winner of the most races wins the championships bollocks, Bernie go and retire, PLEASE (and take Max with you)

That will do for now, this could have been more exciting, I will do my best to describe the sights, smells and sounds of the F1 next time! Until then!

Love and Peer Pressure!

J. Xx


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