Being Kegged, Slapping Arses and Ten Hour Trains

The blog is having a chance of scenery, new location: Adelaide, Coley’s house. Awesome. This update includes my last night in Melbourne, getting kegged and a ten hour train journey to Adelaide, oh to be an adventurer!
So when I left you I was heading out for a few social beers on Tuesday night, which obviously turned into staying in with my book and chatting for awhile with a nutjob in my hostel, a nutjob who gave me a couple of free cans but a nutjob nonetheless. He did have a rather impressive beard but I did not want to know it was 11 years since he has kissed a girl. (yes, you read that right.)
Anyway I managed to get through all of Michael Strahan’s book in a night so I could throw it in a parcel to be sent home the next day. I awoke with a determination to finally sort out my travel situation, this was done, with a major dent to my accounts at the cost of $1071 for my flight home (28th Sept for 29th Sept fact fans, first stop Richard Sanderson’s wedding in St Andrews Scotland, second stop home for a big night out).
This was compounded by paying for my 6 month rail pass for Australia at $590, with my first journey to be the next day when I bought it, there are some big train journeys to come, including Adelaide to Perth (27 hours) and Darwin to Adelaide (52 hours).
I then followed that by sending home the earlier mentioned parcel, which included a belt (why the fuck was I travelling with 2?), the F1 program and some t-shirts amongst other non-required tat! That will take 3 months by sea mail, cool.
After that I managed to catch up with Coley and Trez for some lunch, nice cheap Chinese at the train station, bingo. I spent the afternoon being lazy and doing some final packing before coming down in time to gorge on free pasta night (when greed is good).
Which made it time for my last night in Melbourne, which meant a trip to the bottle shop, where we pushed the boat out and went for a case of Coopers, awesome. The night became a whirlwind of Circle of Death, a visit from my Swiss friend Sabrina, me getting kegged infront of the whole group (Edward you are a bastard), running games in the street (good work Rae Rae) and people slapping each others arses a lot (my hand still hurts).
This debauchery also meant finally arriving to bed at around 4am, this wasn’t a great idea when I had to get up at 6:45, get ready quickly, grab my stuff, make the check in for luggage at 7:30 at the train station and then set off on a lovely 10.5 hour journey at 8am.
Thanks to my lack of sleep during the night I spent the first four hours mainly in the world of nod, with my incredibly rubbish one eared ipod on (the right side doesn’t work no matter what headphones you plug in, leading me to believe that my ipod is in the process of dieing *sniff*)
I woke up to realise I hadn’t charged it and it had died so plugged my laptop in on the train so as to charge it, while waiting I decided to flick through some of my old blogs from America and reminisce, read the first two months and became incredibly nostalgic remembering some of the wonderful adventures I had during my time at Kentucky, I miss Lexvegas!
I spent the rest of the journey ripping my way through two hundred pages of the Sword of Shannara, awesome, awesome book, very gripping. Arrived at the train station from where Coley picked me up. Neither of us felt like a wild one, him after work me after the journey so we settled for takeaway pizza and a good catch up. This was interrupted by one of his flatmates challenging me to shotgun a beer which was easily dispatched.
Oh and I was introduced to the greatness that is Entourage, awesome series. I then took to my bed, sleeping without at least another 5 people in the near vicinity and hearing no snores was new for me after the past six weeks, wow hehe!
Next week it will be time to try and find some work here, if I can it will be cool as I can play hockey where Coley does and save some cash towards the rest of my travels, fingers crossed!!
Love and Kegging
J. Xx


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