Remember the Titans of Adelaide

Okay so its been a few days since I preached to the world on my little known blog so if some details seem hazy in this one you can blame my laziness, since getting to Adelaide however life has been good.

First thanks to Coley who is putting me up here for awhile, its much appreciated, and with that we get to Friday night, this involved a curry, a few beers and then ten pin bowling and as per usual I sucked major ass with a high score in the second game of 78, not exactly Kingpin it has to be said.

Saturday was a day for having a look around the city centre with Colesberg and his mate Cato, who managed to spend 800 dollars in around ten seconds, oh to have a well paid job 😛  After that we took a wander over to watch another friend of Coley’s playing Aussie Rules before heading over to the beach and being tempted to go for a camel ride.

The night was a melee; the beer pong table was brought out and despite my bigging myself up beforehand I royally sucked on all counts and was rather ashamed of myself, Bagels I need you back if you are reading this, please board the next plane to Oz, pronto!

After that debacle it was time to head out for a few more beers, I was pretty drunk but Cato was off his face, setting fire to Sambuca, getting thrown out of bars and then falling asleep on a table, meaning no-one realised that I was pretty much done for myself. I managed to recuperate with 2 litres of orange and a kebab which stood me in good stead for Sunday.

Which I was rather excited about, this would be my first chance to play hockey in god knows how long, I would be lining up for Coley’s team’s third squad, my game wasn’t until 6:30; all I can remember of note during the daytime was my preparing a chilli con carne.

So we get to hockey, after sitting/standing with anticipation through the first two games of the afternoon it was finally time to head out onto the pitch, at which point I only had two wishes in the entire world: one; not to do anything retarded, two; that the ball wouldn’t hit my toe through the hole in the side of my hastily borrowed astros.

Thankfully both of these came to pass; I started on the bench but played most of the rest of the game from fifteen minutes in at various spots along the backline, all of which, annoyingly, have different names here 😛

At the finish my body was telling me that it was going to make me suffer for my insubordinance the next day but I wasn’t bothered at all, it was awesome to get to play hockey again for the first time in god knows how long.

So now hopefully the trick will be to find some work in Radelaide so I can stick around and play some hockey while recharging my bank account, fingers crossed, thanks to one of the guys from hockey I’ve got an interview with a catering company in the morning so fingers crossed for that!!

Back to the chronology anyway, the rest of Sunday amounted to pouching some chilli and finishing the Terry Brooks book; an excellent read.

Yesterday wasn’t the most thrilling of days it has to be said, I spent most of my time on the internet looking for jobs, something which I have spent most of today doing as well, I’ve fired off numerous e-mails to various places so hopefully something will come off sooner rather than later, fingers crossed.

Last night was a treat however, got to rewatch (for the god knows what-th time) one of my favourite films ever: Remember the Titans, still a wonderful classic.

As for the rest of today I refuse to sit on the couch any longer so I’m heading out for a walk and a wander around the local neighbourhood and will find something to cook for tonight! Until we meet again!

Love and (Remember The) Titans

J. Xx


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