I Miss Normality and Interesting Drunken Food Choices

It’s been a few days since I popped up on here and let you have a snapshot of my life, until last night it probably would have been quite the boring snapshot but now I have another interesting drunken story to tell you about alongside my lament on the topic of things I’m missing!

So when I last you I was babbling about the NFL draft, which I’ve now had chance to read about lots and lots, I’m excited, we are on the stretch towards having football every weekend again, woop! Anyway since then whats has been going on? Well I can cover most of the week with work and eating and sleeping.

Did my first function on Wednesday night, at a bank in Adelaide, all was going well until toward the end while clearing everything away some glasses on a tray got unstable on me and four of them ended up tumbling to the floor to smash upon impact, oops.

Thursday was mainly without note but I did get to hockey training, the first time in god knows how long I made it to a training session of any description in a long ass time. It was great, toward the end I could feel my legs coming back in, once I get through this mad weekend of work I intend to start running a couple of times a week to get back in shape, please feel free to ask if ive been running and mock me if I have not 😛

Yesterday was an interesting day, really busy at work on the morning, run into the house for half an hour to get changed and then out onto a bus to go to a function in the city. This was at an art gallery style thing, an exhibition for an artist and they were selling all of the pieces.

The function was interesting, I was supposed to be working with another but he didn’t show up so for the first while I was on my own, until help finally arrived a little later on. The thing went well, I served wine to people who were either rich and pretentious or pretending to be rich and pretentious and was told that I had a “gorgeous” accent, I’m not so sure about that myself.

Oh and the gallery owner fella said for me to take a couple of bottles with me for my troubles, very kind of him, I think he meant the cheap plonk but I took one decent bottle, figured it was only fair, he’d sold close on $80,000 worth of art so I don’t think he’ll miss it!

At the end I decided to join the other lad who was serving for a couple of drinks, we’d had a little wine while we worked, ostensibly for the purposes of being able to tell  the punters about the taste and for no other reason of course.

Anyway one beer turned into a few and I found myself talking crap with randoms for awhile before settling into watch the band. During this time I became drunken than I thought I was and my memory starts to get a little hazy. I vaguely remember a taxi and then not too much.

Evidence this morning proved that I had indeed cooked, and in some fashion, I do wish to question my drunken tastes however, a combination of chips, steak, butter chicken sauce and ravioli with mayonnaise doesn’t appeal to my sober stomach but it seemed it must have last night.

Obviously being drunk I had gotten it everywhere around the kitchen so I had a decent size cleaning task on my hands this morning, was fine with that though, I know without the food I would have been feeling much more ill all day today.

Tonight I’m off to work a function at some wine festival, so more drinks for more rich pricks, and hopefully another bottle or two of free wine will come my way!  Before I go however at the top I did mention my lament:

This is not to say I want to come home or anything but for a couple of days I really was missing living in my own house with my own things and close to lots of my friends. Travelling is wonderful but I miss simple things like sitting down for a meal with my family, sleeping in my own bed, watching a DVD on my own, going for a pint with people I’ve known for years and not minutes.

I look forward to having all of those things again for at least a short while when I get home at the end of September from this great big adventure.

With that out of the system I think my only interesting piece of future news is that I’m going back to the world of hostels in the next few days; I think you are more than pushing your luck when you’ve stayed on a friends sofa bed for more than a couple of weeks. Massive thanks to Chris, JT and Wardo for having me stay, its massively appreciated, probably more than they realise.

Anyway thats enough from me, I’m off for a shower and a bite to eat! Do leave a reply if you have time, either here or on facebook! Much love to all!

Love and Pretentiousness!

J. Xx


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