Jive to this Victory

Fuck! I haven’t blogged in too long! 6 days ago, this is the day of a pain as a blogger, the one where you try and remember all the interesting things from the past six days and feel only pain as your brain decides to do its best dead donkey impression, alas I will battle on and report what comes back to my frazzled mind.

It would seem my last blog came at you Thursday but I can honestly recall nothing of that day so we’ll move on to Friday, those of you who are around on facebook might have found an album entitled Mt Lofty and one by the name of Goon Smash. This was Friday, first we headed up to Mt Lofty, to take in the sunset from a height with a beer in our hands. A magical experience of course, heightened by a German named Carolina attempting to wear one of my shoes on both feet, which is funnier in person than on paper as I have just found out 😛

Anyway we followed that up by stating that we would have a “quiet evening” of course one bottle of wine turned into two and then goon came into play, which it never should but always do. You never learn from the sugary hangovers, cheap trumps a lot of lessons when you are backpacking and so the goon seemed a good idea.

At the time it of course was, we played that game where you stick the name of someone famous on someone’s head and they have to guess who it is using Yes or No questions. (Anyone have the name? Facebook please, we are retarded :P) and then Mark (dutch) claimed that you can never smash a bag of goon and he seemed to right after we kicked it in for awhile. This didn’t last however and the goon went all over the carpet in hilarious fashion. Compilments to Darren’s drunken dancing when he was off his tits with his headphones on, it was like one of those Silent Disco things, with one participant and a lot of bemused looks.

Saturday was work, work and more work, the night was a function for a 60th birthday party, damn I wish I ever earn some coin (or marry someone rich enough to provide me with) so as to provide me with a house like this, sheeeeet, swimming pool, nine millions rooms, etc, etc, wow. Anyway it was actually a good laugh and I spent a lot of the time answering questions about my accent and travelling, which isn’t a bad gig in all fairness lol!

After that I decided to join some friends who had headed out, I didnt arrive until after midnight but it didn’t matter as I had finally found a home from home; Jive. An honest to goodness INDIE ROCK AND ROLL NIGHTCLUB (and yes that required caps), something I have missed out here for SO long! The Hives, the Killers, Maximo FREAKING Park, now there was plenty of Aussie stuff I didn’t really know but I can cure that because most of it sounded good. Ahhh relief. Fantastic night, plenty of dancing, too much of Gary ripping off his shirt and after we didn’t get into the next nightclub we ended up in a scruffy Sports Bar. Falling asleep in that place on the table at 5am convinced of the need for a taxi and after collapsing into bed I eventually surfaced at 2PM on Sunday.

Which left me with roughly enough time to make some food and give my balls a quick scratch before I headed to hockey. Now my hockey record going into Sunday in Australia read a miserable 0 for 4, i.e 4 losses, no wins. Thankfully and with relief Sunday changed that, firstly I played ten minutes for the 3’s in a 2-2 draw and then got whizzed along to play for the 4’s, playing pretty much the full game in a 1-0 win, felt awesome to actually win a game at long last =)

There hasn’t been anything wild about so far this week in all fairness, mainly work and hanging around the hostel, polished off the finale of the Tom Clancy book which was unreal and started on one by Conn Iggulden which seems just as good so far, loving the reading of many books. Also watched Grindhouse, funny in a ridiculous manner, after all who doesn’t love women with rifles for peg legs? Exactly.

Anyway I’ve just polished of another massive bout of free bbq and am in need of a nap before getting up at 4am for the Champions League final, so; adios amigos!

Love and Jive

J. Xx


One Response to “Jive to this Victory”

  1. Conn Iggulden is very popular with the men folk in the library similiar to Bernard Cornwell

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