Stuff. Items. Things. Other. (and Future Plans.)

Yes I’m a lazy blogger, this is entirely my fault, my main excuse is that once you get in some sort of routine, like I have here, there becomes less interesting things to talk about. Still there’s been a couple of things of note in the past week so we can take a look at those and have a little think about the future.

Saturday was mainly a day of recovery before getting back on the drink later on the night, the goon came back out and myself, G and two other, then randoms, a Brit and a guy from Hong Kong got on some drinking games and had a bit of a crack on. Then we played Uno. Its the backpackers game after all.

Sunday was another write off of a day, before we headed out to purchase Subway and goon with another new arrival to the Cave, Kirsty, who claimed to be Scottish but sounded more American; suspicious. On the night a massive poker game was set out, at the high high stakes of $2 in. I of course lost, not doing badly and not doing well; my usual poker fate.

Monday was the dullest day ever according to G and as my memory recalls nothing of note I am inclined to agree with him. I think I read books all day, which at least my Mum will be proud of.

Tuesday saw a return to work and as we were finishing for the day my boss asked if I might like to put in an extra couple of hours working for her son taking down some catering event. She made it sound easy. It of course wasn’t. It was moving around massive catering equipment, and it lasted a good six hours. And it was bloody hard work, not quite as bad as lugging around barrels at Cameron’s but I was certainly aching the next day. Of course as I’m a poor, poor backpacker I will be doing the same thing agoan on Friday. Grumble…

Wednesday and Thursday, so far, have been spent at work and doing nothing much of consequence, did sit out the back with the French guys for a bit last night and talk about fuck all but other than that nothing of any consequence; in a second its time to eat and then head to hockey.

I was about to end it there but then I remembered that I offered a glimpse into the proverbial crystal ball so I think I shall provide my route and then open the floor for everyone (anyone?) who reads this blog and has any bright ideas. Somewhere you’ve been, somewhere you saw on TV, something you heard from your mother’s sister’s cousin’s, dog’s flea or anything in between. Tell me where should I go….?

Here it is: Adelaide —-> Perth —-> Alice Springs/Ayre’s Rock —-> Darwin —-> Cairns —-> Whitsundays —-> Gold Coast/Brisbane —-> Byron Bay —-> Canberra —-> Sydney —-> London —-> Hartlepool —-> Richard Sanderson’s wedding in Scoltand (the last four steps are non-negotiable :P)

Alright, suggestions at the ready 😛 Oh and we just created the best sauce (slight exaggeration but it was certainly better than edible) from last nights free BBQ remainders, all power to the combining of the Welsh and English thought process!

Love and Edibility

J. Xx


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