Pub Crawl, Victory and…. Jogging?!?!

I think I shall start this blog post by saying that I will most certainly miss Burnside Hockey Club once I leave Adelaide, much I like miss my mighty hometown Hartlepool Caledonians and my superior University of Central Lancashire Dragons 3’s and Springs. The Burnside Bulldogs have let me in with open arms and being nothing but welcoming and the icing that topped this proverbial cake came on Saturday night: Pub Crawl.

That exciting prospect shall wait a little time however, I left you on Thursday night headed out to hockey training, as per usual I sat reading my book awhile (Bill Bryson; excellent) until it was time for my training to start. We had a training session with the girls as the numbers were low on either side; probably due to the brutal cold (brutal for Adelaide, mild for Hartlepool). It was a good session, I love a good runaround, must be the endorphins and all that stuff (I’m even considering going for a run this afternoon, I must be crazy but more on that later.)

Friday was a long day of work, most of it spent with Burundian (sp?) Sam in the truck, lifting catering gear and coming up with the concept of taking a slice of life. Good times, accompanied by some excellent german sausage. The night was of no interesting note, I was saving cash towards pub crawl and wanted to be in decent shape for hockey the next day so I had a night with my book.
I may have stated this before but I really am loving the amount of reading I’m getting done out here, its incredibly refreshing to do instead of spending more time infront of a computer.

So I awoke rather fresh on Saturday morning, which was a pleasant surprise and certainly something I would not experience 24 hours into the future. So it came time for hockey, we would be taking on top of the table at their place. Problem? None whatsoever. We battered them pretty much from start to finish, a 4-1 win in which I probably should have scored at least one but I did chalk up an unselfish assist and the 3 points is the most important thing in the end; we are now back in the correct position in the table: 1st.

The night was set for the Burnside Bulldogs Hockey Club Pub Crawl 2009 which promised to be an emotional rollercoaster of drinking, so myself and Benny Bart (returnee and hatrick hero from the earlier game) prepared in the best way possible; a foot long from Subway with some cookies. What better way to line your stomach for a drinking marathon that lies ahead? Subway need to steal this thought for advertising purposes!

So post Subway and with a quick shower and adorned in bright red shirt with a stick man on the front I was ready to head out and get blitzed and after some trouble finding a taxi thats exactly how it happened. The evening began in the Hackney, our club pub so to speak, with beer on happy hour prices and lots of new faces I was in my element. I do remember the following exchange however:

A Female: He’s so beautiful…
B: But he’s gay…
A: … but he’s so beautiful

Excellent form, as far as I know the he in question is still gay but possibly not for lack of trying on A’s part.

Then the club song (which I still don’t know any of the words of) rang out to signify it was time to move on; to the Lord Melbourne, here I acquired an eye patch from some friendly pirates and got golf balled (basically some people have some golf balls given out at the start of the night, if someone manages to get one in your drink you have to finish there and then.) So I did, quickly and proceeded to dump it on Sean and so it began.

Next it was on to the Kentish, here I was challenged to a drink off, myself on a pint, my challenger on a vodka/lemonade, he obviously didn’t realise he was up against an ex-member of the UCLan mens hockey club 3rd team boat race squad and was promptly heavily beaten; an excellent eat that some experts are estimating was sub 3 seconds.

The next pub was the last official one of the crawl before clubland beckoned to the hardy, and so we arrived at the Oxford, were my memory still works to a degree, although apparently I was already starting to tell stories about my earlier career as a six year old pirate at this point so maybe not. Still I remember helping to carry one girl there and helping to carry another one out who had just been sick all over her boots and the floor. Good times.

Post there it was time to head to Swish, which does just flow from the tongue when you say it, there I met up with G, Katie the Tatie and Aaron from the hostel alongside the hockey team; I remember dancing and little else. Then there were 3 deluxe cheeseburgers from McDonalds, a ride part of the way home in a taxi and a walk munching on burgers before a collapse into bed.

Sunday was a complete write off, I did absolutely nothing of any note that I can recall, other than watching the movie of Twilight; the book is much much better. Monday was a return to work and not a lot else, G got fired as Parma manager on our joint Champ Man game and thats about it. I started a new book, Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks, assassin style stuff, pretty good so far.

Today has brought up nothing of consequence so far so I should return to the topic I mentioned I would come back to earlier; going for a run, between hockey training once a week and a game once a week I’m not in terrible shape, possibly a couple of pounds heavier than when I left England but nothing major, however I want to be in good shape so its time to strap on the running shoes and get out there.

This is where you can help; please check up on me on facebook, have I been running and doing anything of any note? Now I know the motivation has to come from inside my lazy ass self but a little encouragement never hurt anyone! All right that’s my piece, in the next hour or so we’ll see if I brave the cold Adelaide air or sit in comfy with a book. Fingers crossed that I decide to move 😛

Love and Burnside

J. Xx


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