Ooh Chimpanzee That… Monkey News

Its been three days since I last got on here, yet it feels like a week ago, not because its been boring but because there’s been so much packed into the space of the last 72 hours, I’m going try and recall all that has gone on now, possibly with some difficulty. I blame Joey Foster.

I left you Thursday and did manage to have a quiet night, though sadly not enough sleep, got caught up in my book and ended up finally getting to bed after 2am, damn I love a good book and Tom Clancy just makes me keep turning the pages.

Friday was shaping up to be another quiet day, I’d been to work and had a wander round the city, including the excellent museum which sadly closed before I had a chance to look at everything but was excellent nonetheless, giant squids and the formation of glaciers being among some of the most interesting things.

me, X and Olivier were going to catch up for a couple of cheeky pints, so we headed down to the Saracens, just across the road from my hostel and it was shaping up to be a quiet evening.

Then people joined us and more people joined us, even people we didn’t know joined us. Then we discovered that if you bought four pints of Coopers Stout you could get a free stuffed monkey wearing a Coopers shirt.

So the beers started flowing and flowing, and although we didn’t drink anywhere close to 64 coopers stouts the bar staff rewarded us with 16 monkeys, or one for everyone present. Cue much monkey related photography and plenty of puzzled locals.

A quiet night had turned into an all out piss up and we headed on out to a club called “Mars Bar”, I see what they did there! At which point we became rather drunk, I got happy feet and decided I was infact a breakdancer of great competence and did my best “So You Think You Can Dance…?” audition impression. Meanwhile Joey Joe Joe was busy getting his mack on, with 2 lesbians, at the same time. Fantastic achievement Joey.

At around 5am some clown tried to start a fight and we were soundly evicted from the joint, thankfully without any actual violence, and of course we headed off for the finale to the evening; 3 Deluxe Cheeseburgers in McDonalds. Woop.

Yesterday we had a wonderful little adventure, by the time everyone surfaced at around 1:30 everyone was in the mood for some recovery food, so we headed off to a holy place; Subway. After that we came through on a drunken agreement; to go to the museum, so the others could see it and so I could finish it.

With a little more time and a more relaxed pace we had a fantastic wander around, marvelling 110 million year old dinosaur bones that had been preserved in opal, looking at some of the fantastic and crazy rocks of various colours, shapes and sizes that have been found around the world. Discussing how much of a midget the astronaut who had worn a rather small spacesuit must have been.

We continued our wanderings afterwards, including stopping by the war memorial, which is a really nice monument, inside has an atmosphere that isn’t quite placeable but is definitely something. Not before long we got hungry again and headed into Chinatown in search of sustenance. We found it at the dumpling king; Spicy Dan Dan Noodles, kicked my ass, dammmmmmmmm.

After that everyone head off in various directions to get ready for another night of debauchery, with the prospect of Joey’s birthday arriving at midnight and it being K dog’s last night it promised to be a good night.

There was the downing of beers in Union, also the chatting up of some dancers (why people think I can move I have no idea, the benefit of the doubt seems to be a heavy concept on Australian dancefloors.) and the singing of Happy Birthday once the clock passed midnight.

From there we headed onto a place of ill reputation, which I normally find to be a good omen for a night out; the woolshed, and it was a little rough around the edges but it was also a tremendous amount of fun; I went on a mechanical bull for the first time since Kentucky (Oh Saddle Ridge $10 all you can drink how I miss you *sniff*), danced on a spinny dancefloor and watched half the hostel go raving. Classic.

It ended up being Hungry Jacks afterwards rather than McDonalds, a Whopper with cheese was the perfect end to proceeding and gave me faith that I might be okay for hockey tonight, something which has come to pass, miraculously, although I also did sleep until 3PM today lol!

So far today I’ve made some food and tried some guacamole that the Mexican guy made; wow, and he is giving me the recipe, yay! Now its hockey time so I’m off to hit things with sticks and hopefully bag a goal or two.

Hope everyone is having a ball and loving life; I certainly am so come and join me!

Love and Monkeys

J. Xx


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