Shark. Cage. Diving. Soon. Excitement.

This update is mainly just to bridge the gap between Sunday and Tuesday and tell you how excited I am about shark cage diving on Thursday. Will have a quick skip through events before we get to the future though, there’s been some good stuff in the meantime.

So I left you headed to hockey, and hoping to bag a couple of goals, sadly the goals didn’t come to pass (I admittedly did miss a sitter) but we won again and kept our place at the top of the tower, that works for me, only two games left though *sniff*.

Since then I have mainly been at work or reading my book or cooking. Monday night provided two entertaining moments, one was beating the German guy on Pro Evo after he had burned me on penalties in the previous match. The second was walking round the corner to find Burundian (sp?) Sam whom I work with in my hostel to visit friends he knew there, I had no idea he had ever stayed there, quite quite random.

Today has mainly seen me packing and packing and packing, stuff to leave here, stuff to take with me, batteries charged, so I decided to take a break from this and catch up with X and Mushroom (Olivier) in the pub along the road.

This was a good decision on three counts; one I got the rest of their food that they didn’t want to eat, two I got to go to Backpack Oz and pick up a lovely letter from Cheryl, cheers hun, will reply in due course with shark based info and hopefully a dash of charm and wit.

Three was the “Clumsy Mushroom”, firstly Olivier, sober, decided to spill his, full, pint all over his crotch and the floor of the bar, the barman nicely gave him a fresh one. He responded to this gesture by promptly leaning back to far on his stool and crashing to the floor in comical fashion. Excellent.

Now I am finishing Tom Clancy so that I can start a new book on the ten hour bus journey tomorrow, Wuthering Heights, which may ruin any masculinity I may have once had but I figure its a classic so I should give it a look-see!

Right now we are at the meat and potatoes here; SHARK CAGE DIVING ON THURSDAY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Now I am trying not to be TOO excited as there is a chance we won’t see any or something like that but I can’t help beginning to get psyched. Its sharks and im going to be in a cage, next to them, within touching distance. OMG. Can’t wait.

Reports on events will come on Friday, much love to all!

Love and Sharks

J. Xx


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