The Rolling Pin Has Ended, The Dancefloor Has Been Propagated For Our Purposes

I have to admit this post is more than a little rushed but I wanted to get it up before Perth, so my apologies for the possible lack of quality, its okay the content is superfab! My last full week in Adelaide; the end of working at the Rolling Pin, a night at Supermild, meeting Barney the Dinosaur and Jive. An epic week.

I left you on Sunday, which means I’ve got a full week to cover here, we’ll see how I go. Monday was the beginning of my last week at work and so far as I remember a quiet night, myself and X cooked up some pasta and that was about it.

Tuesday was a whole other story, a quiet evening at Olivier’s with him cooking a meal and a cheeky bottle of wine quickly spawned into 7 bottles of wine and a very drunk American. Our American friend had never really drank much back home due to being under 21, therefore when he had four glasses of wine he turned into Barney the Dinosaur. This was at all times hilarious, he was ripping the fridge open with his mouth and even adding sound effects; until he threw up in the front garden. Oh and we got a taxi to the bottle shop and back, which I think is a commendable effory 😛

I spent most of Wednesday helping my boss’s son to move into his new house, which meant lifting shit tonnes fo rather heavy crap. We did take about 70 lemons from a lemon tree as well before we left his girlfriends old house. Good times. Which leads us to Thursday and my last hockey trainnig session. Had a lovely runaround and am definitely going to miss those sessions, good coaching and good people! I also got christened with the nickname Onions thanks to some cricketer, lord knows why!

Friday was an absolute barnstormer, firstly I completed my final shift at work and then the obligatory photos taken with everyone. No more washing the “Magimix”, no more lifting trays, no more chopping, peeling or slicing. Joy. No more money. Sigh. After that it only went downhill from there, myself and X hit the kitchen and cooked up a storm and then herded up a crowd of revellers, bought in the goon and let the good times roll. Oh and X transformer the lemons into a delightful lemon tart, smashing!

We ended up in Supermild, where as is usual these days, I proceeded to dance my considerable tits off and become a rather sweaty but exceedingly happy man; props go to Sam, Linda and Deandra for their dancing – love your work! After some pizza on the way home everyone flopped into bed at around 5am.

I woke up Saturday afternoon feeling good, if a little surprised that it was 2:30; I needed to sort out my food for the train to Perth so I caught up with X. When it comes to X and food nothing gets done by halves, so instead of crisps chocolate and some cold pasta for the train I now have a joint of roast beef, which was marinated in olive oil, italian herbs, cajun seasoning, salt and pepper. Alongside a delightful pasta dish and copious amounts of chocolate. Amazing. I will miss X’s culinary expertise immeasurably!

Of course come the night time it was time to hit the town again, when Ashley arrived we jumped in the car and headed on to the Ed Castle, good times and some good moves on the dancefloor from the German girls!

That rolled into us heading for Jive to meet Chris Cole and Andy Leat, the indie rock and roll goodness moved into our bodies and we hit the dancefloor throwing shapes and kicking off. I then ran into a girl I’d met a couple of weeks previous, Tara and she joined in the madness. Upon leaving I headed back to the dorms for fun and good times and woke up this morning with my head in the proverbial shed.

Sam sorted that out with a pizza from Wicked just now and its time for me to get to hockey, and then a shower, and then to the train station for the 41 hour journey to Perth.

Congrats to the big man Joey Foster for second in race one, fingers crossed for race two man, also to X for being a culinary wizard, and to Barney the Dinosaur, as 2+2 is 4 after all.

Alright, gotta split!

Love and Perth

J. Xx


One Response to “The Rolling Pin Has Ended, The Dancefloor Has Been Propagated For Our Purposes”

  1. You have some life! Here’s to the next phase of your Austrailian adventure I really think you should try to get a book deal out of this blog when you return to good old blighty! Take care love you and looking forward to seeing you in September XXXX Mam

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