Post Phu Quoc and International Football Coach Interviews To Come!

This would be a long update except my memory isn’t good enough to remember everything that’s happened in the last ten days so I will try to cover a few main points and leave the rest. This one picks up on my return from Phu Quoc.

Coming straight up after my half paradise half hell holiday was a weekend at work. Except upon my rising on Saturday morning after an exceptionally fitful nights sleep my guts decided to inform me that they were in fact not recovered from their seafood bout and I promptly threw up once more. As ILA do not have toilets installed in the classrooms I made the prudent decision to spend my day in bed. As much as everyone loves a good day in bed being sick is not how you want it to come.

I felt sufficiently okay on Sunday morning though I was the palest man on the planet. I remember little of the days teaching, I somehow struggled through but I was completely spent by the time it was over. I headed to my room, took in the Spanish GP, cussed out the power when it went off before the last games of the premier league season and went to bed in my room that had become a sauna thanks to the absentia of aircon.

I may have done something incredibly interesting on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday but nothing much comes to mind. I do recall nearly chucking my Coco Pops up on people multiple times while playing basketball Tuesday morning.

Wednesday night I met Linda after she finished work at the CT Plaza where her ILA is and which also has a cinema. We decided to see Iron Man 2 on the big screen; now some have said its crap but anyone going to see Iron Man expecting a plot or high quality acting is a spoon. You go see Iron Man 2 to see fights, special effects and Scarlett Johansson in a catsuit. Any other reasons are idiocy. Using these criteria it was enjoyable.

Still when coming out of the cinema I was angry, the small child behind me had incessantly kicked my chair all the way through, thankfully I didn’t realise the little shit’s father had been on the phone three times during the film or I’d have kicked off. Then a four year old started wailing crying, outside of the fact the parents need to give their heads a shake for taking a four year old to Iron Man 2, who just sits their and lets their kid wail for five minutes? Take the little fucker outside. Going to the cinema in Vietnam is rather an infuriating experience from my first foray.

Thursday began with basketball and that began well in the first game before I proceeded to find eleventy billion ways to miss in the following games. Still a whole heap of fun though so no complaints from me. Thursday night was teaching boredom which I achieved little after.

Friday was my self designated lazy day, I achieved absolutely fuck all, all day, it was all kinds of epic. On the night I arranged to meet Linda at an Italian restaurant not far from my place when she finished work. On my way there I was strolling along and wandered past a woman selling flowers. This did not click in my head until I was ten paces past and then my head thought: “hey jackass you have a girlfriend, she might like some flowers.” at which I did an about face and went and purchased some tiger lilies.

I walked on to where the restaurant was with various people eyeing the flowers and various sleazy Vietnamese men shouting girlfriend at me with a cheeky wink. These became worse when I got to the restaurant Linda hadn’t arrived yet, many knowing smiles and conversations seemed to be predicated around the fact I was going to be stood up as I stood on the street seemingly waiting for someone who wasn’t going to show. To add to this effect the restaurant was closed for refurbishments.

Thankfully Linda turned up a couple of minutes later and was rather happy to receive the flowers I produced from behind my back, we ended up at a Mexican place not too far away which was pretty good. Afterwards we headed for real ice cream at Le Pub, all the way from New Zealand and suitably delicious! From there we each called it an early night before throwing ourselves into the pain that is the ILA weekend.

Saturday was a day of more hours than usual as I picked up a cover class and in all fairness it all blurs into one afterwards anyway. My last class of the day was filmed, apparently for use in some kind of promotional video, it was quite a fun lesson and I will keep you posted if I do end up on the web somewhere. I went home after class intent on watching the F1 qualifying, I did of course fall asleep at the beginning of Q2 and woke up just after they finished. Argh.

I did stay awake for the FA Cup Final though, which I really enjoyed, would have loved to have seen Pompey win it but on balance Chelsea deserved their win, they were the better team. Kalou’s miss was absolutely awful though – how can Chelsea not find someone better than that spud?

Sunday was another day of teaching that fell by the wayside, I did finish the Wilbur Smith book I was reading during my lunch break, which had been an absolute corker. My last class of the day was my first test, with my jumpies, which was speaking only. They all did really well, somewhere between 77% and 93% each, I was really impressed with them and happy they remembered all the things I’d been teaching them =)

From work I headed across to Linda’s, she’s on her holidays though copying me in being sick, so I’m hoping she gets better soon. I arrived and she said she wouldn’t mind watching the F1 race and that pizza we had planned to get was on its way. How cool is that? I was rather happy.

Since then I have been doing my best to take care of her, many years of practice in my Mums kitchen came to use when I washed up the pots. We cooked omelettes for breakfast and made egg salad sandwiches for lunch, both were rather lovely. I highly reccommend adding jalapenos to your next omelette. Mmm.

I left in the afternoon as I’ve been sorting some things out for an article on South East Asian football and had to sort out the final arrangements for interviewing the Vietnamese National Coach, Calisto, tomorrow which is now all sorted for 1:30pm. I am meeting the coach and a translator at 1:30 at a place where a steak costs up to a million dong. Thankfully I’m meeting them after they eat for coffee and an interview. Phew.

Since then I’ve done little, I finally tried out the restaurant at the end of the street and enjoyed some egg fried noodles with prawn and have started a new Conn Iggulden book. Been on a reading tear recently and it’s been excellent.

Now I’m going to catch some sleep before basketball and the big interview tomorrow!

Love and Calisto

J. Xx


2 Responses to “Post Phu Quoc and International Football Coach Interviews To Come!”

  1. What is with the years of practice most of the time we had a dishwasher! I am liking your domesticity though and the buying of flowers all excellent qualities for the modern man 🙂 I also hope Ken is reading this!

    • Lol we didnt always have a dishwasher and there was the time spent in Oz and that no pans or many kitchen items in our house do not go in the dishwasher, any of this ring a bell? 😛

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