Pre CELT: YL – Interviewing International Football Coaches

This blog is a pre CELT: YL update of whats been going on in my life and given that’s about three weeks ago when I can remember admittedly amounts to very very little! The only real point of interest my short-range-brain can remember is the interview I conducted with the Vietnamese national football team coach, Calisto.

Vietnam's soccer coach and my interviewee; Calisto.

Calisto is a native Portuguese and after going through various steps and rearrangements of location for the interview I met up with him while he was in Ho Chi Minh City and despite the presence of his friend who would translate he conducted the whole interview in excellent and English and asked for a translation of a whole two words in an hour on the dictaphone.

The article which should be in the new edition of the Word which I think came out today (I’m yet to see it) is part of the World Cup coverage and is focus on football in the region and its hopes for the future. Calisto was candid and honest, with plenty to say on everything, he seemed like someone who knew football inside and out though he was very critical, in a manner that made sense, about the English game, still how many continental Europeans hail our particular brand of football?

When pushed his prediction for the World Cup was Brazil so take that for what its worth and as I could find no place to shoehorn it into the article itself I would like to put a quote he gave when talking of Real Madrid and their Galacticos that can’t play together: “Great players, shit team.” which I have on tape incase he reads this :P.

Once the interview was over I was straight into work, changing into more formal clothes, planning my lessons and straight into the classroom, the glamorous life of a journalism graduate lol. That night I had the dictaphone straight into the computer and was up until the early hours getting the article together to beat my deadline of the next day so it could make this months issue.

I’m looking forward to seeing it in print and will be excited when I can get my hands on a copy of the magazine sometime in the next few days, hopefully it hasn’t been butchered and accredited to someone else like the last thing I had published in print was by my local rag. Not that I’m still bitter or anything.

Anyway other than that very little of the Pre-Celt-YL world still exists in my head at this moment so this may be the shortest blog I’ve ever posted! I’ll be working on the first and second weeks of the CELT: YL blogs as the day progresses so keep checking back and look forward to more regular updates in the coming times as it returns to what is defined as normalcy in this part of the world!


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