The Girl With The Indian World Cup Basketball Chronologically Triggered Summer School Ending

Hey all I know its been two weeks but life mostly just moseys along gently here and is perfectly “normal” (Vietnam will never be normal) but little in the way of crazy has been going on so rather than go through day by day and bore you with such witty observations as “taught class all day” and “driving scooter in ridiculous traffic again” I’ll look at a few core subjects that have been dominating my life lately and a couple of separate events.

The Indian catch up with Zoe and Petra was excellent fun, was awesome to catch up with some people I’d met before ‘Nam and take a little trip down my Australian memory road. Plus anytime I can get down to Ali Akbar is grand by me! I also met them the next day for Yogurt Space and gossip which was welcome in the middle of my split shift.

On the subject of split shifts; they are over and no longer grace my work week. The summer school course is over and has served its purpose in as much as I’m back up to even on my hours after going way down thanks to the Young Learners extension. Have to say I’m glad to get back to three days off and only working like a complete dog on weekends. Also means I can play basketball twice a week again too. Huzzah.

On the subject of basketball my recent improvements have taken a hit in recent weeks, partly due to some better players returning, partly due to a bum hip and partly due to some searing heat. It’s still a tonne of fun however and something I rather look forward to. My shot is coming on a little as well though I fear I shall never learn to be a competent dribbler (until later in life in the nursing home, at which time I will fully grasp the concept).

I have to mention one time driving home from basketball on the scooter and being caught by a torrential downpour five minutes from home, I’ve never been so wet in my life, it was so bad even the insane Vietnamese drivers all slowed down to 10km/h on a street where they often fly past going 60+. It was mental.

Another Indian reference needs to be made after I finally got to go to a restaurant here by the name of Ganesha, utterly outstanding food though rather pricey so you couldn’t go all the time, still a fantastic meal out, highlighted by Derek the Dirty Dog and his young Vietnamese ladyfriend πŸ˜‰

And a further Indian occurred when Linda decided to have girls night and I wanted to be as far away as possible from the gossip so I got hold of Derek and Richard and met them in town for curry and banter so as to avoid the girlie types. An inspired decision in my humble opinion.

I have to say I found the World Cup a touch underwhelming, outside of a few games there was plenty of boring football and inspid performances, England only being upstaged by the ridiculousness of France in the quest for the least impressive tournament. I think most of the important games being on at 1:30am spoiled a lot of them for me also, hopefully I will be in a more appropriate timezone for the next one!!

More important yesterday however was the British Grand Prix and what a corker it was, justice utterly served in the case of Mark Webber. I hope Christian Horner is tucking into his crow right about now, what a tool. Nice to Rubinho, Sutil and Kamikazeyashi taking point and the two Brits put in a great performance. Getting more and more excited for Singapore =)

Also taking up plenty of my time at the moment is my DS and more specifically Chrono Trigger, what a beautifully crafted RPG with a stunning world and compelling storyline, sweeping through vast chunks of it and enjoying it immensely, highly reccommended to anyone who wants some portable role playing geeky fun!

Finally however has to be the subject which has taken up great swathes of my time in recent weeks: Stieg Larsson’s the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, I read all three, close to 2,000 pages in less than two weeks and it would have been less time if I didn’t have to go into work. They have to be some of the finest fiction I have ever read, utterly compelling from start to finish with a superb and unlikely story that grabs you by the proverbial balls and keeps you coming back for more. Inspired and highly reccommended to everyone!!

On that note I’m going to leave this short update and get on with the rest of my day, maybe the next time I’m online crazy things will have started happening in my life again. Until then….

Love and Stieg

J. Xx


One Response to “The Girl With The Indian World Cup Basketball Chronologically Triggered Summer School Ending”

  1. You mean you didn’t stay in to get your nails painted? I think a bit of pink nail polish would suit you XD

    I think I need to get on with Chrono Trigger as well, I got it ages ago when I saw it for cheap and I still haven’t started it. Been playing Monster Hunter on the Wii lately, that’s pretty fun, and still on Pokemon. In fact, I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have Heartgold or Soulsilver right now πŸ˜‰


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