When “Me Mam” came to visit South East Asia – Part 2 of 3

So lets have a look at part two and country two; Singapore, or for me at least Singapore episode 1 but we shall get to that later. After rather too early a start and the usual waiting around, yawning, sitting around, boarding, safety information, flight, baggage collection, etc we got to Singapore, sat down for my favourite Quiznos Sub and went on to the hostel and threw in our bags.

We got hold of my Mum and Ken and met up and Linda was absolutely set on her mission for the day: shopping. Now I like shops, but if this is how all women types shop then I want no part of it for the rest of my life, it’s like a forced march with carrier bags rather than a backpack to hump around. Any future trips to Singapore with Linda will see me chilling for the day!

There was some good news however, in one shop I found a Sonic the Hedgehog belt, which was superbly awesome and about the only piece of Sonic clothing I didn’t have as a kid. At first there was only a small and no more stock, but I spied one up on the display about 8 feet up, it looked like it might be a large. After finding a stepladder and with a bit of stretching I got it down. Large. Win. To the register. Its in the sale. $10S (5 pounds). Win. (and my students, especially the younger ones think its hilarious, though of some of my seniors feel it reflects (quite possibly accurately) a certain lack of maturity.

Anyway after a day of shopping we were all fit to drop and a quiet night was had. The second day we had decided to get ourselves over to a small island, Sentosa, which is part of Singapore and has been turned into a resort island, complete with a Universal studios, which was our destination.

Will Jon shrug? Atlas did.

It had been too long since I’d been to a theme park and it was a fantastic day out, going through the lands of Far Far Away and the jugle from Madagascar. The ancient lands of Egypt for the Mummy rides. There was only one slight miscalculation; myself and Ken went on the Jurassic Park ride; in the queue while waiting the signs warned “you will get wet, you might get soaked” which we laughed off.

They will never catch me!!!

Rather to our peril, at the end of what was an excellent exciting ride the water came over the raft just where me and Ken were sat; barely touched the other 7 people in our raft wearing ponchos, just SOAKED me and Ken. Sod’s law.


By the time we’d finished the rest of the park and dried off a bit we were all starving and rather conveniently Hard Rock Café was just there! In Singapore there was a local addition to the menu which Linda tried out, a Singaporean favourite; Chili Crab which was rather delicious!

Chili Crab Dip!

As always though Hard Rock was about the main course, I went for the Patty Melt with three different cheeses and it was superb. As usual with Hard Rock despite a desire for their delicious desserts no additional space remained. Nom Nom Nom Nom.

A heart attack in a bun: thoroughly reccomended!

On the night we headed out to the cinema; which was nice for me as it had been some time since I’d been thanks to my self imposed Vietnamese cinema ban to see the Green Hornet. Before we went up to the cinema there was a random book sale on and I found a random book on American football in there that I swiftly picked up! Before the four of us headed into the film (The Green Hornet) there was a BOOST juice stand, a lovely little slice of Australia for me!

We parked our bums in seats with juices in hand ready for the film, from the trailers I had the impression that it might not be a classic and in that I was right but it was actually a really enjoyable if rather forgettable romp with Seth Rogen proving to be his usual entertaining self. If you want to click your mind off for an hour or two I would recommend it I have to say!

The next day myself, my Mum and Ken would be heading on to Phuket and Linda’s next destination would be Borneo, breakfast in McDonalds was had and goodbyes, hugs and kisses were exchanged before the travel process was to be done all over again. At this point you can add all the things I wrote earlier in this blog and you can replace “we got to Singapore” with “we got to Phuket” and I’ll meet you there for my next blog!

Love and Sonic!

J. Xx


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