If anyone is still out there…. I’m in India!

Land of curries and cricket and a place I’ve wanted to visit for a long time thanks to my love of curries (though I ain’t no fan of cricket). After rather too long spent on planes or in airport lounges yesterday I eventually got to New Delhi.

Spent three hours of the plane ride talking to a lovely Indian woman and learning that I know very little about India outside of naan breads and a love of things with masala in the title!

Met my friend Disco at the airport with his friend Chris, got bundled in a taxi and down to a restaurant for some food. We stumbled into an Indian party; men dancing in a rather homo-erotic fashion with each other to rather too loud Indian music, apparently socially acceptable here and in no way gay, worth rather a few eyebrow raises in our eyes though!

The food however was spot on, a beautiful chicken and lamb curry that I absolutely destroyed along with naan and rice! Superb! From there the lads grilled me about teaching while we destroyed a few Kingfishers.

After four (yes four, lightweight I know) we were all rather pissed, time to jump in a rickshaw and pass out in possibly the worst hostel I’ve ever stayed in (and by all reports actually quite a nice one for this part of the world.) Thankfully I was beyond tired so I passed out no problem.

This morning however Graham found us somewhere else to move to as going from our lovely serviced apartment in Vietnam to a 16 bed dorm in India with an awful cold shower was too much of a leap. So to a rather more pleasant hotel it was (though my girlfriend would still run away from this place).

For today we took a rickshaw out to Raj Ghat, the place where Muhatma Gandhi’s cremated remains are located. It was rather a lovely and peaceful park, which seems weird when you come out the end of it into the madness, poverty and dirt of “Old Delhi”.

The Red Fort with its Lahore gate is magnificent and absolutely massive, I will hopefully get some photos up for you all soon! From there we headed to the Jama Masjid mosque, the largest in Delhi (and possibly India?) An absolutely ridiculous size mosque complete with pigeon feeders and men praying, an impressive sight. That was followed by a Chicken Handi; awesome curry, awesome name and here I am!

That’s pretty much it for today, tomorrow is the Cricket World Cup Final and despite the fact I’m so not a fan of cricket I will be watching with the lads, beer in hand, hoping India can win the cricket world cup in India. The streets will be BEYOND mental if they do.

Love and Curries

J. Xx


One Response to “If anyone is still out there…. I’m in India!”

  1. YAY!! Welcome to India mah coolest teacher ^^

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