Malaysia: Truly Asia! Cinemas, Towers and Hard Rock Cafe.

I spent Monday being a Mallrat which I rather enjoyed and then did something very similar on Tuesday. I got up at ridiculous o clock to go stand in line and queue for tickets to go up the Petronas Towers (The Worlds Tallest Twin Towers as I was informed far too many times). After 3 and a half hours of waiting I get to the front to find out they are sold out for the day but I can buy tickets for tomorrow. I can live with that so I purchase my tickets and head into the adjacent Suria KLCC Mall. I expected to spend an hour or maybe even two there. Oops.

I spent an hour in Kinokuniya, god I love a good book shop, ended up leaving with a copy of Edge Magazine, USA Today’s NFL Draft 2011 magazine, the first book in a fantasy series Linda recommended to me and Larry Bird’s autobiography, all for the very reasonable sum of 125 ringgits (27 pounds). Possibly not things a traveller NEEDS but I’ve been doing excellently with regards to my set budgets for the trip so I thought I might treat myself. Travelling and not being a borderline alcoholic as I was in Australia is making the way much easier on my wallet, its rather refreshing.

From there I had a good wander round the mall and ended up at the cinema, I only wanted to see how much seeing a film might cost but when informed it would be 9 ringits, less than two quid, well it would have been rude not to really wouldn’t it? I went in for the director of 300’s latest: Sucker Punch, and it was rather an oddity, the special effects were unreal and the ladies pretty but it was all rather odd. From there I spent a little more time in the mall, grabbing a Subway before heading back for a quiet night.

Today I got up lateish FINALLY after 5 days of early mornings to head over to the Towers in time for my start time of 12:15pm, we watched the obligatory Petronas video and headed up to the skybridge on level 41 and I clicked my camera on: disaster! My battery was dead, I had two more in my bag downstairs and didn’t expect them to let me go back down for them but they did and I got on with the tour. From the top on level 86 and on the Skybridge is a phenomenal place to be, the Skybridge is kinda scary as save for a bit of metal you are above thin air. Being as high up as the 86th floor is stunning, buildings probably shouldn’t be that big in all fairness!

Got some lovely photos and took in the great views before heading off to the cinema again, for the cheap cheap price I decided to do a little catching up; I have banned going to the cinema in Vietnam from my life! This time I settled in for World Invasion Los Angeles, in the Premiere class of the cinema, which meant a massive chair that lounged back and was super comfy – 12 ringgits and the film was top as well. All action all the way, great stuff.

After that it was time for one of my favourite experiences in any city which has one: Hard Rock Cafe! The KL one was but a short train ride away and after I found it hiding around a corner I was happy to be there. Dining alone can often be a little miserable but being surrounded by Gwen Stefani’s bra and Jimmy Page’s jacket made the experience rather more pleasurable. Combining that with an open faced Sirloin Sandwich and a beyond beautiful pint of Hoegaarden was the icing on the cake. I happily took my time and pondered with myself, realising that this was my twelfth worldwide Hard Rock Cafe, beautiful and with more to come before the end of this trip. As is my new tradition I picked up a cool HRC pin at the shop on my way out before coming back here and chilling out for the evening, having an interesting chat with a Spanish guy named Pedro and uploading a shit tonne of photos to facebook! A good day indeed!

With that though I need some sleep before I fly to Shanghai tomorrow so I’ll wish all good night!

Love and Hoegaarden

J. Xx


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