Laundry Day, Shanghai Shenhua 2-3 Sydney FC, Jon 1-0 Nike China

Alright I’ve managed to get on the one free computer thats best, the only mild problem is a dodgy “g” key, much better than a broken space bar! So lets see whats been going on since the F1 race.

Monday is a very short story; I spent most of the day doing my laundry and reading, other than that I went out on the night in the hunt of a Japanese noodle restaurant, after finally locating with the help of some passers by, many of whom tried to get me to take them out for the night I found the place!

I did come close at one point to eating Pizza Hut but I’m glad I didn’t give up! Such great food! I had the Teriyaki Duck Ramen with a side of enoki mushrooms wrapped in beef, which slid down beautifully alongside a tasty Kirin Beer. Genius.

I hate laundry, it was weird having to do it for the first time in over a year, I miss having a maid very much already! It took one wash and three damn drying cycles to get through. What a nightmare.

Tuesday I found a little more motivation to do things; I began the day with awesome dumplings and soup at the awesome breakfast place and then headed off walking in search of the Shanghai Museum. It didn’t seem too long of a walk on the map and without too much getting lost I found it in around 20 minutes. It was an absolutely fascinating collection of stuff; crazy teapots, amazing costumes, old coins, astounding sculptures and all for free. Wonderful.

After that excitment was over I went and sat in the surrounding gardens with my book for half an hour, chilling out and breathing what I was about to call fresh air but checked myself as I don’t think such a thing exists in Shanghai sadly!

From there I decided to have my first Western food in Shanghai, sometimes Subway just calls you! A 6 inch Subway melt and a cookie later I was feeling rather improved. From there I decided to have a look in the Nike store at some Orange basketball shoes I’d been perving on for a few days, they were so Jon you couldn’t begin to describe them.

So I tried them on and gave in, they seemed to fit really nicely and I gave over my Mastercard and they took 749 Yuan off it (Around 68 quid). I put them on and headed home to the hostel. They started to get tight and uncomfortable but I figured they would begin to wear in.

So later that night I put them on as I headed in search of Hongkou Football Stadium for the AFC Asian Champions League match between FC Shenhua Shanghai and Sydney FC. I found the stadium with no problem and was immediately accosted by a tout. 60Y (5.50) seemed pretty reasonable so I went with that, for a ticket on the halfway line in the upper tier.

The game was a quality back and forth affair though the locals as you may gleaned from the title of this post didn’t enjoy the final scoreline much. Shenhua went 1-0 up early in the first half but Sydney pulled even seconds before the halftime whistle went.

Shenhua came out meaning business in the second and regained the leag when a Sydney defender nodded a peach of a header into the corner of his own net. Sydney however were not to be denied and a beautiful chest down and half volley from their tall, balding centre forward evened things up. A tense affair followed and looked to be heading towards a draw until Sydney found themselves in the box in injury time and slotted home an extremely late winner.

The final whistle went and this cause the crazy Shenhua fan infront of me to take his jacket off, remove his Shenhua shirt and throw it from the stands while screaming before putting his jacket back on and continuing his screamin. All the while his friend looked on mortified as the surrounding people pointed and stared at the madman. That guy was worth the 60Y entry fee on his own. Genius and a great game to go with it. Score.

From there I headed home and found the Nike’s becoming worse and worse, it felt like my little toe on my right foot had no circulation which wasnt a positive. I resolved to stuff them with socks that night and hoped the leather would begin to break.

I woke up this morning and hoped they would be better but when I put them on they seemed worse if anything. I decided, without much hope it would work, that I would take them back to the Nike Store, in hope of an exchange if not a refund.

So I marched into the Nike Store, looking mildly angry, and preceded to tell the sales assistant they didn’t fit and I wanted a refund. He looked at them, told me they were used and that I wasn’t getting a refund. Shit.

I decided to get angrier, started ranting and asked to see the manager. The shift manager came over and through the employee said no. I asked to see the manager and started shouting louder. I did not want useless if beautiful shoes. I was told to wait ten minutes.

The store manager with much better English arrived, he proceeded to try and tell me much the same thin. At this point I went to most of the shop can hear me volume and he gave in and proceeded to tell me that I could exchange them but that I would not be welcome back. Fine by me I fly to Beijing in a few days.

After trying on quite a few more pairs of sneakers I walked round the shop around a million times in a pair of black Air Jordans, not my colours but wider in the foot, they will take a little of wearing in but after having them on the last few hours my circulation has not seen any problems so I’m rather happy! Jon 1-0 Nike China. Yay.

And here I am in the midst of another quiet day, think I might head to Ajisen Ramen again later and thats about all my plans!

Love and Air Jordan

J. Xx


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